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TAM Media Research beefs up marketing team, focus on ‘driving insights’

TAM Media Research beefs up marketing team, focus on ‘driving insights’

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Jan 09,2006 7:20 AM

TAM Media Research beefs up marketing team, focus on ‘driving insights’

Changes are adrift at TAM Media Research with the agency’s intention of expanding operations both in depth and horizontally, and in the process, the management has instituted a structure that would ensure that both the products and clients are receiving apt attention. TAM has set up a core committee, the objective of which is to interact with clients on new products and address queries.

“We have a large client base,” said Pradeep Hejmadi, VP, TAM Media Research, “From our point of view, servicing this base is an absolutely critical thing. If we service them well today, when we launch Elite panel, bring in Advantedge and grow the national panel, clients will be far more aware and powered to use that information.”

He explained that considering the growing interest around data and the expansion that TAM Media Research itself was going through, the agency had instituted a new structure and had also set up a full-fledged S-Group in Delhi to take care of the North clients.

Speaking on the new structure, he said, “Analytics and servicing are the part of one team. Another team, dedicated purely to marketing, is instated. The function of this team is to create awareness about the products and interact with all parties who are interested to understand data.”

Hejmadi further said, “As you are aware, the number and kind of people interested in data are also growing – whether it is the conventional ones like broadcasters, agencies, media owners, or others like distribution companies, investing firms, overseas clients, production guilds and so on. We made sure the team is structured in such a manner that it is able to cover and address the current client needs, grow the level of usage of existing services, look at new services and understand what it can do for them.”

In addition to reviewing new products, the team will also be active on client queries, “Questions from users have given birth to many new products at TAM and we don’t want to stop that,” explained Hejmadi.

In regards to the S-Group instituted in Delhi, he elaborated that the clients in the North would get more direct attention now. “We have always had representatives in the Delhi offices. But with the media landscape changing the way it has, where there are key channels with their headquarters in Mumbai and then there are genre like the news channels or infotainment channels that are based in Delhi, which need more attention, So in October last year, we started building the team there and now have done that successfully.”

It may be recalled here that TAM recently spoke about various initiatives, which would bring expansion for the agency in terms of new products and improvisations on present services like television ratings and so on.

According to Hejmadi, increasing the people power was in line with the growth in the industry and the need to meet the industry requirements. “The priority is people. The teams are constantly being trained and each product is championed by a great group – whether it is NRT or Eikona or Xpress, AdEx or any other products – in the end of it all, the reason why we are able to upgrade our services everyday is because we have the right people who are trained to drive insights in the industry – as I keep saying make numbers speak to the players.”

As to what his expectations are from the changes, he replied, “I don’t think there are any expectations but yes, there are definite goals and that is we be able to meet our clients needs and lighten them up with insight – help them stay ahead of the curve and in the process, stay ahead of the curve ourselves.”

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