TAM Media introduces Media Xpress Power edition

TAM Media introduces Media Xpress Power edition

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Jul 06,2004 8:07 AM

TAM Media introduces Media Xpress Power edition

TAM Media Research has gone a step ahead in offering better viewer insights. The organisation has introduced the new Power edition of Media Xpress. TAM officials claim that this third-generation Media Xpress is the most effective and powerful one that the agency has ever come up with.

“The whole focus of this Power edition is to unleash the power of the viewership database. The idea is to be able to provide many more enhanced analysis to capture viewer insights,” states Atul Phadnis, Vice-President, TAM Media Research. Sharing more on what led to this latest offering from TAM, he says, “We have taken feedbacks from TAM users for the last 20 months, accumulated them and studied them. Consequently, we enumerated facets that broadcasters and planners want in the software to understand a viewer’s TV consumption pattern.”

He explains that with the Power edition, users can run new kinds of analysis, get additional information and do it all more easily. “To cite an example, the time that a user took to calculate GRPs for a large and widespread plan, will now go down by almost 70 per cent,” he claims.

TAM has induced various such features to meet the differentiated needs of media planners and broadcasters. “For media planners, there is a host of TV planning aids,” says Phadnis, “Planners calculate different kind of GRPs in different ways. In most cases, they take out the basic data, convert it in excel and then work out on the data they require. But with the Power edition, they can directly obtain required output in the software itself.”

As per Phadnis, the link between ratings data and commercial log has been made stronger. Where the present Xpress format required a three-stage process to get a TV plan performance indicator, with the new one, it can be attained by just one click. In a similar manner, a set of attributes that can help broadcasters has also been put in place. Speaking on them, Phadnis informs, “There are various additions that are made. One of them is that broadcasters can now do a genre-based analysis. This would help them to track audience movement from one genre to another in any given daypart, thus helping with what kinds of programmes click.”

The new edition overcomes various limitations that Media Xpress has. For instance where audience swings could be studied only for a limited number of channels, now they can be done for any number of channels. This would make considerable difference to keenly fought categories like news channels and help them with their content.

A few other factors that separate the Power edition from Media Xpress are that while the existing one offers features of separate methods of arriving at variables, the Power edition allows concerted methods. As against the current limited report formats, users can now avail to exhaustive report formats. Media Xpress gave the user separate runs for weekly time spent but Power edition gives weekly time spent possible at a stretch. The new edition also gives an advertiser, language and spends on filter unlike Media Xpress. Another important change that has come in place is that the 14 TGs and 22 market group of Media Xpress is now raised to 25 TGs and 50 market groups.

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