TAM introduces Eikona Media Monitor

TAM introduces Eikona Media Monitor

Author | Anusha S | Wednesday, Jan 28,2004 6:41 AM

TAM introduces Eikona Media Monitor

Corporates, written about all the time across mediums, have little or no knowledge about the effect of their coverage. Now, they can breathe a sigh of relief. A new media evaluation tool ‘Eikona Media Monitor’ has been introduced by Tam Media Research. The service quantifies the impact of public relations and image-building campaigns.

The attempt is to ‘objectively’ capture and analyze the media coverage. The database is customized and players can get indicators on their own coverage as well as benchmark them against the coverage given to competitors. The new tool seems relevant in the current context when there have been a number of corporate public relations fiascoes.

Why this tool? Atul Phadnis, Vice-President, Tam Media Research, says, “We have been constantly getting enquiries from clients on how brands are being represented in various facets of communication, whether it is through advertisements, editorial or through advertorials.

“At TAM Media and AdEX Services we know the science of monitoring each and every advertisement that comes on TV and print. So, we though why not look at another aspect of communication, which is even more critical for brands and advertisers. Most brands want to understand what PR does for them both in terms of word-of-mouth service as well content that appears. PR goes a long way in shaping the destiny of a brand and many a times this kind of communication could act as a more powerful communication plank than conventional advertising.”

Insights by Eikona will include not only the extent of media coverage of the company and brand, but also the issues highlighted by media, including the tone of the coverage. Eikona Media Monitor has been actually re-launched by TAM in a tie-up with Media Measurement Ltd. (MML) of UK, an independent and international evaluation organisation. It was earlier known as ORG Marg Media Evaluation Plan (MEP) and was subsequently acquired by TAM.

Eikona will use MML’s Prism software to evaluate the publicity around a corporate. The software will help analyze the quantity and quality of coverage. The media monitor will monitor messages and how they are portrayed in the media such as overall editorial coverage, coverage on specific areas, specific issues, brand evaluation, benchmarking competitive PR activities, strategy planning and relations with the government, community etc. After acquiring MEP, TAM integrated the backend of AdEX service and Eikona Media Monitor and the front-end is led by TAM’s S-Group.

Quality analysis takes into account if the article was presented in a beneficial, adverse or factual manner from the company’s point of view. Eikona will extend its service to regional language newspapers and television medium as well.

With the PR monitoring services, TAM hopes to provide a wide spectrum of media-impact measurement instruments, in addition to the company’s regular television ratings. Media Measurement’s forte is its image surveys and measurement of messages and promotions on television.

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