TAM completes second leg of adding new markets; ratings not impacted much

TAM completes second leg of adding new markets; ratings not impacted much

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Thursday, Feb 12,2009 7:17 AM

TAM completes second leg of adding new markets; ratings not impacted much

TAM Media Research has met its deadline of adding new markets in 2009. The second leg of the data update has been completed. Beginning week six of 2009, the data has the numbers of Bihar 1 million plus, Assam .5 million plus, and the below 1 lakh markets of Maharashtra (Mah LC1). These markets together constitute 4.1 per cent of the all India C&S universe.

In essence, TAM has gone deeper and wider in its viewership measurement. The Mah LC1 is the industry’s first step to analyse the semi-urban markets. The Marathi genre has seen new GECs like Star Pravah and news channels make an entry last year. This was one of the reasons why TAM chose to begin its semi-urban penetration with Maharashtra. The below 1 lakh markets comprises 15 per cent of Maharashtra.

Ratings not very different from the previous weeks

It must be noted that from a strict statistical viewpoint, the ratings from week six would not be comparable to the earlier weeks of the year, given the change in the universe. However, when compared, there is a marginal difference in the genre shares with the inclusion of the new markets from the previous weeks. One genre that has seen an increase in share is Hindi movies. Apart from this, most genres have shows similar numbers as in the previous weeks.

In comparison to last week, the story for the Hindi general entertainment channels is not very different in this week too, with Star Plus succeeding once again in maintaining its distance from Colors. The week six GRPs for Hindi general entertainment channels show Star Plus with a GRP score of 300, a drop from 317 of last week. Colors has maintained its 271 GRPs this week too. Zee TV has dropped from 209 in the last week to 192 this week.

Sony, which was at 75 GRPs last week, is at 77 GRPs this week. NDTV Imagine is at 62, a one-point increase from last week. Star One has dropped from 63 GRPs to 59 GRPs this week. Sahara One has 50 GRPs (last week it was 49 GRPs); SAB has increased from 37 GRPs to 48 GRPs this week; while 9X has dropped from 35 GRPs to 29 GRPs this week.

Mah LC 1, Assam & Bihar dissected: Skew towards young viewers & male TG

A closer look would show that fragmentation in Mah LC1 is lower than the higher strata. Afternoon consumption of TV in Mah LC1 is significantly higher than what is seen in the Hindi speaking markets as well as in Mah.1 to 1 million markets. The contribution of male viewership is higher in Mah LC1. Compared to Mah.1 to 1 million, the share of Marathi channels is lesser in MahLC1; Hindi movies garner a higher share. Hindi channels per se, such as GECs, movies and news, garner a share of more than 60 per cent in Mah LC1.

In Assam’s case, the consumption of Assam .5 million-plus spread across different genres, and is more than that of HSM and West Bengal. Fragmentation in Assam .5 million-plus is higher than WB 1 million-plus and WB .1 to 1 million. Also, unlike other markets, the primetime viewership build-up in Assam is gradual. SEC AB’s share in the universe is highest for Assam .5 million-plus. In Assam, too, TV viewing is skewed towards the younger TG and male viewership is high.

For Bihar, though the reach levels are similar, Bihar 1 million-plus’ time spent levels are higher than that of both UP 1 million-plus and UP .1 to 1 million. The share of Bhojpuri channels is marginal compared to that of Hindi channels. Like in the case of Mah LC1, about 70 per cent of the TV viewing goes to Hindi channels in Bihar. However, Bihar has the least fragmentation when compared with the Hindi speaking markets, UP 1 million-plus and UP .1 to 1 million. Bihar, too, shows a viewership skew towards the younger age groups and towards the male TG. Also, Bihar like UP 1 million-plus, has a higher share of SEC AB.

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