T20 effect: Political parties buy ad inventory to attract attention

T20 effect: Political parties buy ad inventory to attract attention

Author | Abhinav Trivedi | Thursday, Mar 27,2014 8:56 AM

T20 effect: Political parties buy ad inventory to attract attention

With frenzied preparations underway for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, political parties are booking ad spots on all broadcast channels to attract the attention of the viewers and communicate their respective agendas. According to the Pitch Madison Media Advertising Outlook 2014 report, political advertising will be the biggest contributor towards ad growth in the media industry this year, which is expected to be 16.8 per cent. 

The ongoing T20 World Cup is witnessing a bulk of advertising from the two major political parties – BJP and Congress. While BJP has created a series of short animated ads cornering the existing Government on Corruption, bullying and lack of administration; Congress on the other hand has longer advertisements talking about the developments done by the Government. Advertisements from both the parties were visible during both the India matches so far.

A senior official from STAR India commented on condition of anonymity “Political parties have bought the ad spots at 3.5 lakh-5.0 lakh per 10 seconds. Since BJP ads are short they have been able to occupy larger ad presence so far. We are expecting political ad revenue to have a substantial share in the overall ad revenue from the tournament, especially in all the India matches.”

It is believed that the T20 format of cricket is short and live and therefore ensures appointment viewing. Apart from this the duration of ad breaks is small and it is unlikely that viewers change channels between the overs, especially the slog overs. This ensures maximum exposure and reach. The single screen multiple viewer concept which works during cricket matches like public projectors, bars, shops, malls, etc., also garners random but consistently large viewership for a certain time.

“The fostering political environment in the country primarily because of elections gets people talking about politics even between the match. The RoI for political advertisers is maximum in this case, as people in the contemporary environment will analyse political ads more carefully than corporate ads,” said a senior media planner.

Apart from the T20 World Cup, political advertisements these days can be seen on GECs, news channels, and other genres as well. In certain cases long ads, presented earlier are also cut short and presented as short duration ads.

There were no official comments from Star Sports at the time of filing this report.


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