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Star World adds drama to 10 pm slot again

Star World adds drama to 10 pm slot again

Author | Synjini Nandi | Tuesday, Aug 28,2012 8:15 PM

Star World adds drama to 10 pm slot again

Star World is all set to air the first six seasons of Grey's Anatomy which will continue for six months. Through this programme, the channel attempts to bring about a change in the English GEC space that hasn’t recently seen a long running continual drama, commonly observed in the Hindi GEC space.

Through this initiative, the channel shared that it intends to help viewers connect to the show and its characters.

Commenting on the rationale, Saurabh Yagnik, Business Head, English Channels, Star India stated, “People get familiar with these shows and characters pertaining to the show and hence viewing them becomes a habit. This is a strategic approach to connect to the viewers and bring to them the show which has multiple episodes and would also last for a longer period of time.”

According to Yagnik, continuity of the series is an important factor since this helps people actually track the story throughout the entire life cycle of six months as opposed to having different season every year, which in turn leads to discontinuity. The channel believes that if all the six seasons are shown collectively, the audience is more likely to watch the full journey of the six seasons rather than one season over a certain period of time. Hence, the channel decided to take the audience through the journey of Meredith Grey from season one to season six which would be a valuable enough proposition for the viewers.

To create a buzz around the launch, the channel has planned a lot of marketing activities. It is focusing mainly on television and digital. Predominantly, 70 per cent of the focus will be on television and the rest on the digital platform. Star world allocates around 30 to 40 percent of its advertising revenue for marketing of the shows.

As part of the marketing initiatives, a campaign building of Meredith’s character and two or three localised promos are currently being aired. These promos talk about real-life situations that people go through and question what would Meredith do in such situations.

In order to make the concept and character of Grey’s anatomy more relatable, the channel would be releasing a music video with Anushka Manchanda which would resonate with the proposition of Grey’s Anatomy. “This would be a great fit with the audience in terms of relating to it and I think this is the first time that a show has been promoted through a music video,” added Yagnik.

Apart from airing of continual series, the channel has also adopted the ‘strip strategy’ keeping in mind the way Indian audience wishes to consume the content. ‘Strip strategy’ basically refers to the airing of one particular show on one particular time band.

According to Yagnik, the shows which run for a long do much better than the shows which are for a shorter time span because typically one season of US shows has 13 to 24 episodes and they get over in four to five weeks which does not give the viewers enough time to understand the show. This time, the focus of the channel will be on the genre of drama since the Indian viewers connect best to long running drama shows.

Star World will be airing the first six seasons of Grey's Anatomy starting September 4, 2012. The latest season eight of Grey’s Anatomy is currently aired on Zee Café.

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