Star Plus unveils a refreshed brand promise and identity with the Ruby Star

Star Plus unveils a refreshed brand promise and identity with the Ruby Star

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Jun 14,2010 8:56 AM

Star Plus unveils a refreshed brand promise and identity with the Ruby Star

Star India has unveiled a new tagline – ‘Rishte Wahi, Soch Nayi (Old relationship, New thinking)’ – to further deepen its bond with viewers. Star Plus’s new logo, the Ruby Star, debuted on June 13, 2010 with the Star Parivaar Awards 2010, which promises a fresh perspective on life and relationships.

The ‘nayi soch’ on Star Plus is manifest in the shows currently on air – the process of change and the brand promise is already coming through, demonstrated in strong characters who reflect the fresh thinking on the channel. The woman of Star Plus brings in ‘nayi soch’ either quietly, staying in the background, or leading from the front. All content created on Star Plus will continue to reinforce the brand promise – ‘nayi soch’ – the new perspective on life and relationships.

Ruby Star, the new logo, beckons viewers to enter the crystal world of Star Plus, making it come alive in their lives. The Ruby Star is the beating heart of the channel, the heart of India – feminine, strong, full of energy and life. The white hot swoosh, lit from within, represents inner strength and quest for fulfillment. A key component of the Star Plus identity is the colour red. Red is the colour of prosperity, optimism, weddings, celebration, hope, desire, purity, passion, love and holiness. The Star Plus logo is the traditional and familiar star emblem infused with a very modern, fresh and energetic expression.

Speaking on the occasion, Uday Shankar, CEO, Star India Pvt Ltd, said, “It gives me great pleasure to announce the brand refresh for our flagship channel Star Plus. This is the first time in the history of television brands in India that a refresh has happened in such depth of detail, permeating to the core of its business. The overarching defining value of the refreshed Star Plus is ‘Nayi Soch’ – Fresh Perspectives, which will now reflect in everything Star Plus will do, from the point of creating content, to creating brand solutions for advertisers, to adding value to our distributors, stakeholders, employees, and reflecting in the way it lives its life and builds its business.”

Shankar further said, “India has always been a land of new thinking, which was perhaps been forgotten with our preoccupation with development, and Star Plus aims to revive convention through the refreshed brand promise of ‘Rishte wahi, soch nayi’. We are committed to entertaining our viewers with content that propels them in a new direction and setting the agenda for entertainment on Hindi GECs.”

Once again, Star Plus celebrates the family, with the woman at its core. In this family, there is a quest for fulfillment, and strong dreams of a better future. The belief that ‘anything is possible’ has never been stronger for the Indian family – not only that, they also want this optimism and new thinking to be reinforced through their daily dose of entertainment.

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