STAR Parivaar succeeds, scores high in 2nd year

STAR Parivaar succeeds, scores high in 2nd year

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Jun 29,2004 8:13 AM

STAR Parivaar succeeds, scores high in 2nd year

Last year, it was the event that broke all records in its category and this year STAR India has done it again. The ratings for STAR Parivaar 2004 suggest that the event has delivered. In absolute figures, the number is a point less in comparison to 2003. However, channel officials explain that unlike last year where the on-air show was for over three hours, this year this number is achieved for over a period of four hours.

The TAM ratings for the previous year were 15.12 for the C&S 4+ audience in the Hindi speaking market. In comparison to that, the ratings this year are 14.2 for the same TG. A closer look at the ratings indicate that while for most other TG the ratings have increased in comparison to last year, it is the kid TG that take the over all numbers down.

"We are very happy with the numbers. To hold on to figures like that for over four hours is phenomenal," expresses Deepak Segal, Sr VP, Content and Communication, STAR India, "But more than anything else, it is a good feeling. The kind of feedbacks we recieved is amazing, both from people present in the event to the people who were watching it on TY. I think that really is what has us satisfied."

Looking the figures some more, the youth target of C&S 15 to 24 has increased from the 13.98 from the previous year to the 16.74 this year. Female viewers have maintained a similar figure of 17-plus numbers. The age group 4-14, however, managed to find something else more interesting on June 19. Unlike the 17.2 that they threw up last year, this year the figure is 14.99.

Interestingly the kid audience has vacated most channels including the likes of Cartoon Network and POGO in the night except for HBO. Unlike the preceding Saturdays, which brought in numbers like 0.09 and 0.02 for the channel, June 19 gave the slot a 0.12 for this target for the English feature film ‘The Mask’. As for the other channels, needless to say that almost every other programme on Indian television, irrespective of the genre suffered a setback.

Dabur India, the official sponsor of the programme was thrilled. The group launched Dabur Anmol Shampoo on the event. Dabur’s Corporate Communication Head Sharad Goel said that STAR Parivaar proved to be a perfect platform to create awareness around a new product.

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