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STAR Parivaar award offers an evening of class

STAR Parivaar award offers an evening of class

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Jun 14,2004 8:29 AM

STAR Parivaar award offers an evening of class

If they claimed that STAR Parivaar awards would be bigger and better this year, the on-ground event has certainly matched its commitments. The presentation at the National Centre of Performing Arts has lent the event a grandeur, which elevated this TV property to a higher level.

The event commenced with the inaugural address of Peter Mukerjea, CEO, STAR India. In his speech, he reiterated STAR’s dominance on Indian television expressing that the network has always worked on improving its offering in every possible manner. Also he brought forth the need to further develop the television industry. “The STAR Plus ad rates are high but the market has the potential to up these. It is important that the television industry’s potential to develop further be tapped. One tool that will enable this is the Indian audience recognising the importance of the cable operator’s role,” he said. “I request you to help your cable operators bring the best services to you by paying your cable subscriptions in time,” Mukerjea urged.

While the evening began on this sober note, Mukerjea promised the audience that the rest of it was only fun. Not many changes were made to the STAR Parivaar of last year, with most awards being bagged by industry icons like Tulsi, Mihir, Gautam, Ganga, Parvathi, Ba, Prerna and the likes. But new shows like ‘Kahiin Tho Hoga’ won significant awards, marking the success of the show and the introduction of new characters like Karan and Nandini in ‘Kyunki…’ were acknowledged as well. Amongst the shows that sparkled at the presentation, were ‘Kyunki…’, ‘Kahaani…’, ‘Kasautii…’, ‘Kahiin Tho…’, ‘Des Mein…’, ‘Shararat’, ‘Khichdi…’ and ‘Saara Aakash’.

The performances were captivating with television stars putting their best foot forward to entertain their peers and the Indian audience. While most of the performances were musicals, a satire on STAR programmes presented by the ‘Khichdi’ gang completed the evening. The act had the audience in splits and extracted the loudest applauds.

STAR decided to use the platform to announce a music compilation it has put together of all its title tracks. Making the announcement, Sameer Nair, COO, STAR India said, “When we were watching the initial episodes of ‘Kyunki…’ at Utsav, we thought that there are some really good works that have been created in the past four years. These title tracks have been popular with our audience and we thought why don’t we put them together and add to the various offering that STAR India has for its audience. This sound track has all out title tracks, remixes and some surprise tracks as well.”

Another interesting announcement was of a new member to the STAR Parivaar. This year it is Nausheen Ali Sardar, the actress who played Kkusum’s role for a significant tie before she decided to step out of the programme citing that the role hindered her growth as an actress. If the excitement amidst the STAR officials is anything to go by, the channel has some interesting plans to utilise this talent.

STAR’s team headed by Nair, including Deepak Segal, Senior VP, Content and Communication, and Shailja Kejriwal, Creative Director, Content and Communication, have been successful in creating a memorable evening. The effort has bound STAR’s artistes, producers, technicians and every other team member – all together and has also translated into a successful television property. This year STAR Parivaar will be aired on June 19, 2004.

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