Star One induces scheduling & programming changes to broad base market

Star One induces scheduling & programming changes to broad base market

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Thursday, Mar 17,2005 7:07 AM

Star One induces scheduling & programming changes to broad base market

Star One has decided to shake its content line-up a little. From scheduling to format of a few shows, induction of seamless transition in primetime, special initiatives on April 1, 2005 and a cross promotion blitz including on Star Plus, the channel is geared for quite a few changes, come March 21, 2005.

Star One's Ravi Menon explains that all changes are a result of seeing the channel performance in satellite towns as well. Says he, "So far, all our attempts have been very focused to the metros but research shows that satellite towns too demonstrate metro-sensibility and are reciprocating to differentiated content."

Consequently, the programming changes are brought in so that these audiences can be served better as well. "The Mumbai and Delhi market has a very mobile audience but these towns are slightly more settled in nature in terms of lifestyle. These changes are primarily brought in to broad base our audience."

In the new primetime schedule, the one hour 10 pm dramas from Monday to Thursday will now air at 9.30 pm. The new line-up would also see 'Siddhanth' and 'Hotel Kingston' get into a new revamped non-linear format. 'Hey...Yehii To Haii Who' will get into a thriller mode at the new time slot of 10.30 pm.

"With 'Hey…' getting in the thriller mode, we played with the idea of bringing it on a later time slot, which houses the thriller genre better. This led to our signature 10.00 pm shows move in an earlier slot and the whole objective to make it seamless was to not really give the viewer a chance to move somewhere else," says Menon.

The Fridays line-up will begin with 'Happy Go Lucky' at 7.30 pm, 'Family Business' moving to 8.00 pm, 'Bluff Master' to 9.00 pm and 'He-Man' to 10.00 pm. On March 26, 2005, the channel will air 'The 77th Annual Academy Awards' at 10.00 pm. The programming on April Fools Day is branded as 'Full Day, Fool Kiye Jaa', which is an 11-hour marathon of 'Instant Khichdi' from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm. The initiative will be packed with viewer messages, an on-air contest and special Khichdi bytes. The marathon leads into an April Fool special episode of 'Bluff master' at 9.00 pm featuring the 'Instant Khichdi' family!

"We are getting more market savvy!" remarks Menon, "We are about differentiation and we have to continually offer that to the viewer. All these efforts are directed in achieving this goal."

Post Star One's launch, this is one of the first such changes. The channel is trying different moves to be clear on what will keep its core TG hooked and history bears witness that this has never been an easy task for any channel. How this first set of changes help, 'one' will soon know.

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