STAR One extends Laughter Challenge, brings Champion in the same slot

STAR One extends Laughter Challenge, brings Champion in the same slot

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, Sep 09,2005 7:03 AM

STAR One extends Laughter Challenge, brings Champion in the same slot

The Great Indian Laughter Challenge has been a great success for STAR One. The reality show’s finale will air on Friday, but STAR One is not really letting the property end. In place of Laughter Challenge, One is bringing in ‘The Great Indian Laughter Champion’.

“It will be a seamless transition,” said STAR One’s Ravi Menon. “We have already shot eight episodes for Laughter Champion. They go on air in the same slot next week and we are expecting this extension of Laughter Challenge also to deliver very well,” he added.

Laughter Challenge has given numbers to the channel, which can be compared to the shows on other mass channels. The show was launched on June 3, 2005 as a half hour weekly in the 10.00 pm slot on Fridays. The opening numbers of 2 plus TVR, for the C&S 4+ in the Hindi speaking markets, were seen as encouraging ones by various media experts.

However, Laughter Challenge has increased week-on-week. The graph is an increasing one, barring the tapering its saw in weeks 8, 9 and 10. The recent episodes have rated as high as 7 plus. For the One TG, that is SEC AB 10-44, the show has delivered a 9 plus. Even the coming of new shows on channels like Plus didn’t take away the viewership from One.

“We were expecting the show to do well but these are above expectations,” remarked Menon. “The show has clicked well with the audience and is a prime example of how we can produce indigenous shows with resources available at home and make a great success out of them as well. This actually opens avenues for various such shows.”

Now as the show has approached its finale and the contest is over, Menon explained that an extension of this nature wasn’t on the card originally. “This has primarily come from the massive public demand and you will see this in the promos currently on-air. These shots are from a survey we conducted and people really want to see more of these finalists,” he added.

Laughter Champion was what Menon defined as enriched Laughter Challenge. The production was also at a slightly higher scale for Challenge, he said, adding, “It is here to stay – not just a short term upsurge.”

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