STAR One done with experimentation, tries ‘regular fare’ in soaps

STAR One done with experimentation, tries ‘regular fare’ in soaps

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Sep 19,2006 7:58 AM

STAR One done with experimentation, tries ‘regular fare’ in soaps

After ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’, ‘Nach Baliye’ was the next big ticket for STAR One and in their second seasons, despite various other initiatives from the channel, the scene is no different. STAR One has tried its hand in various kinds of soaps. The channel firmly believes that even as format pulls in the audience, it is the long running dailies that provide the adhesive to keep this audience back.

So far, initiatives like ‘India Calling’, ‘Ye Dil Maange More’ and even the earlier shows like ‘Remix’ and ‘Siddhantha’ haven’t really delivered the numbers. The latest property, ‘Resham Dankh’, too, hasn’t given the channel much to talk about yet.

Shailja Kejriwal, Senior Creative Director, STAR Entertainment, said, “Soaps and dailies will be the bread and butter for any channel and from that point, I think it’s important that we have a healthy mix of them on STAR One as well. So far, we have been experimenting even with this genre of shows, but it would appear that regular fare works better with the audience and hence, we have decided to stay away from experimental stuff for a while.”

Consequently, the next initiative, ‘Saathi Re’, which is set to launch in October 2006, has been designed as a family drama. Another show coming on the back of ‘Nach Baliye’ is ‘Betiyaan Apni Ya… Parayaa Dhan’. Said Kejriwal, “These are different stories of course, but regular, middle class hardcore dramas. There is nothing as such that is different about the shows.”

Even as the exact days of the shows haven’t been decided yet, ‘Saathi Re’ comes in the 8.30 pm block and ‘Betiyaan Apni Ya… Parayaa Dhan’ is in the 9.00 pm block. Till the time that ‘Nach Baliye’ is on air, these will be in the Tuesday to Thursday block. By December 2006, when ‘Nach Baliye’ comes to an end, these would take the Monday to Thursday block.

With Zee TV hitting with a similar show as ‘Betiyaan…’ and initiatives coming across, competition is heating up. “Everyone will try something different and the best initiative will win,” said Kejriwal.

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