STAR One’s ‘Nach Baliye’ opens to encouraging numbers

STAR One’s ‘Nach Baliye’ opens to encouraging numbers

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Oct 24,2005 8:44 AM

STAR One’s ‘Nach Baliye’ opens to encouraging numbers

It is good news for STAR One with ‘Nach Baliye’ showing a positive beginning. After the push that ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ (TGILC) gave to the channel, expectations from ‘Nach Baliye’ have been high and at least the opening numbers have been up to the mark.

TAM Media Research shows that for the TG C&S 4+ in the Hindi speaking markets, the opening episode on October 11, 2005 threw a 1.88, followed by 1.78 on Wednesday. According to the format of the show, these are reality episodes, while Thursdays showcase the performance episode, which this week was as much as 4.84. The Friday repeat episode delivered 2 and if the youth TG is seen on the performance day, the rating is 7 plus.

If the relative channel shares for primetime between the six Hindi general entertainment channels (GEC) for the week 42 are seen, ‘Nach Baliye’ and ‘Laughter Champion’ have allowed STAR One to be the number three channel. STAR Plus claims 59 per cent of the Hindi GEC, followed by Sony at 17 per cent. STAR One comes next at 9.3 per cent, followed by Zee TV at 7.8 per cent. Sahara One and SAB TV claim 4 per cent and 2 per cent, respectively.

Needless to say, STAR India is happy. Shailja Kejriwal, Senior Creative Director, STAR India, said, “These are very good opening numbers. This is a differentiated concept, in line with the kinds of shows that STAR One aims at showing, and it is good to see that it has been accepted well by the viewers. The good thing is that from here, the show is only set to grow more.”

According to Kejriwal, just as any reality show saw more action as it grew, ‘Nach Baliye’, too, would see an increase in delivery in weeks to come. A point that media professionals agree with.

Said Manoj Malkani, Broadcast Investments, Starcom, “In absolute numbers, these are good numbers for the channel already and there is no reason for the show to not see the kind of success that TGILC has seen. ‘Nach Baliye ’, too, is designed in a way that the excitement will increase as the finale approaches.”

Navin Kathuria, Media Group Head for Broadcast, Media Directionm opined on similar lines, “The reality episode numbers aren’t too high but then that was expected. Largely these episodes are behind the scenes and in the following weeks, should ideally increase in the similar area. The performance episode on the other hand has delivered well. TGILC had opened with similar numbers and we have seen how that show grew. So, these are very encouraging numbers.”

A point to be noted here is that in regards to the point of differentiation, similar properties can be seen on other channels currently like ‘Celebrity Fame Gurukul’ on Sony TV. Is the channel in any way worried that the show will affect ‘Nach Baliye ’ going forward?

“I don’t think anything else will have any impact on ‘Nach Baliye ’,” asserted Kejriwal, “In ‘Nach Baliye ’, the beauty of the show lies in the fact that these are married couples and somewhere along the line bring emotions of a different kind to the show. The viewer is attached with the show for that reason too and you achieve this by just putting 10 random celebrities on the stage and ask them to dance and compete.”

As is known, quite a lot for the channel is riding on Nach Baliye’s success, given that the channel is in the process of launching four new properties on the back of this show. The coming weeks are critical not just for ‘Nach Baliye ’ but for STAR One on the whole. To be able to sustain a number three spot wouldn’t be a bad way for the channel to enter in its second year.

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