STAR News races ahead with new auto show ‘Top Speed’

STAR News races ahead with new auto show ‘Top Speed’

Author | Shikha Saroj | Saturday, Aug 26,2006 8:17 AM

STAR News races ahead with new auto show ‘Top Speed’

STAR News has announced a new auto show called ‘Top Speed’ that will be aired every Sunday at 5.30 pm. The show is a complete handbook for auto lovers that will offer a weekly dose of the latest on the newest cars and bikes and new paradigms in automobile technology.

Commenting on the reason for an auto show, a spokesperson from STAR News said, “The automobile sector in India is currently undergoing a dynamic transformation. Till a few years ago, a buyer didn’t have many choices. All he had to do was to choose between the ever-trustworthy Ambassador, the tried and tested Fiat Premier Padmini and the Maruti 800. But today, the scenario has changed drastically; the average disposable income of an individual has increased, city dwellers have adopted a more demonstrative lifestyle and car manufacturers from all across the world are looking at India as a key market. ‘Top Speed’ is an auto show that will aid the viewer with hard facts and expert opinions before he sets off to purchase a brand new set of wheels.”

With vehicle sales growing at a rate of 8-10 per cent year-on-year and several international auto majors introducing their automobiles in India, the scenario is exciting but also confusing for the potential buyer. ‘Top Speed’ promises to delve into facts to separate fact from fiction.

The show will include test drives, vehicle reviews, expert advice on vehicle maintenance, the latest must-haves in accessories and exclusive reporting on auto shows. There will be two presenters who will look at a vehicle from the perspective of an expert and a layman, thereby providing a comprehensive opinion on the vehicle. The two presenters will also contest each other to prove their point, resulting in deeper analysis.

The core TG of the programme is Male 25+, SEC A, B, C, who are aspiring to buy a vehicle or are in the decision-making process and who are generally interested in automobiles. After an analysis of the viewing habits of this core TG, STAR News decided to air ‘Top Speed’ every Sunday at 5.30 pm.

The programme will be anchored by Consulting Editor of Auto Magazine Rajiv Mitra. Mitra has over a decade of experience in the auto sector and has been involved in every aspect, from testing vehicles to racing motorcycles and cars to writing about them. Manpreet Waraich, who is the co-host of the show, will bring with her the curiosity of a layman when it comes to buying a vehicle, thereby presenting the common man’s argument.

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