STAR News marks three-year completion with new interactivity service

STAR News marks three-year completion with new interactivity service

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Friday, Mar 31,2006 8:03 AM

STAR News marks three-year completion with new interactivity service

STAR News completes three years in the Hindi News television industry on March 31. To mark the occasion, the channel has planned to launch a new service for it’s viewers – Khabar Hamari, Faisla Aapka – a 24- hour feedback mechanism that allows people to call in and express their views, opinions, suggestions or questions on a news story. A method of eliciting viewer interactivity, this service aims at reiterating STAR News’ positioning of ‘People’s Channel’.

Today, STAR News is a global news channel with international footprints in South East Asia, Central Asia, UK, USA and Australia. Said Uday Shankar, CEO & Editor, MCCS, “Our journey over the last three years has been filled with challenges, which we have successfully overcome. And the affection and unstinting support we have received from our viewers and strategic partners makes it a fruitful and memorable one too. Going forward, it will be our constant endeavour to live up to their expectations just as we have in the past.”

He further said, “And on the occasion of our 3rd Anniversary milestone, we are taking our promise to our viewers to the next level by introducing Khabar Hamari, Faisla Aapka, a first-time viewer interface with the Channel where STAR News will get to solicit their views, opinions and response on a news story. The objective is to provide the viewer a direct voice on STAR News and change the existing scenario by making them an active part of the news. It is one more step in the direction of our commitment of being the People’s Channel.”

Viewer feedback is a vital ingredient of a channel’s success and is probably the only means for a channel to gauge acceptability and interest levels among its audiences. Through Khabar Hamari, Faisla Aapka STAR News will provide the viewers with a phone number wherein a viewer can call in to voice their ideas, opinion or questions on a news story.

An official communiqué quoted that the central idea for the launch of this initiative is to change the current scenario wherein the viewer plays a passive part by just listening/ watching the news, to the viewer being an active participant by giving them a chance to be a part of the news and voice their feelings on the channel.

Aligning programming to audience requirements and creating content that rivets the viewer to the channel are clearly the milestones to success for any news channel. With the introduction of Khabar Hamari, Faisla Aapka STAR News has ensured that on this Channel the viewers’ interests are given top priority.

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