STAR’s concentration on events pays off, Screen Awards delivers a high

STAR’s concentration on events pays off, Screen Awards delivers a high

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Wednesday, Feb 01,2006 7:55 AM

STAR’s concentration on events pays off, Screen Awards delivers a high

STAR has been clear on the fact that events is an essential part of the programming mix of STAR Plus. The channel visibly puts efforts to further improve an event from its previous year and this has paid off in the case of STAR Screen Awards, which has thrown a rating of 9.6 in 2006.

TAM Media Research shows that for the TG CS 4+ in the Hindi speaking market, this is significantly greater than last year, when the awards delivered a 7.5 and was the highest rated movie award event of the year.

“It is a 27 per cent jump, and at a time when people say that awards are on a downhill, this is no small feat. Also, we shouldn’t forget that this is the ratings over four and a half hours,” said Deepak Segal, EVP, Content and Communication, STAR India.

In terms of ratings, the channel has very little to complain about. For the time that the event was on air, STAR India dominated television with a 42 per cent channel share. The show has managed its numbers from different TGs and markets.

Segal believed that the efforts that the channel had put in creating properties around the show and the changes in presentation made in the show itself had played a role in keeping the audience glued for over four hours.

“We had our laughter champions involved in the anchoring, we created ancillary programming and I believe all of this is needed to make any property, no matter how successful it has been, interesting for the audience,” added Segal.

Speaking on a broader note, he added, “The Indian audience isn’t getting any patient by the day. If anything, the attention span is getting more challenged and if they are bored for over a few minutes they will not stay with you. STAR Plus has had some great events in its content line-up, which have delivered year-on-year. But even as this establishes the property, it doesn’t make our job any easier. We have to give the audience something better for them to stay on the property.”

Segal is clear that the focus on events in 2006 has to be increased to the extent of making them larger properties than last year. Screen Awards sure is a good beginning.

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