Sony’s KNKKH fails to connect

Sony’s KNKKH fails to connect

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Aug 12,2002 9:07 AM

Sony’s KNKKH fails to connect

Marriage and matchmaking have not been exactly godsend for Sony. At least this is what the latest TAM ratings suggest. And if numbers don’t tell you the full story, a qualitative study conducted by Lodestar Media might provide some cues.

Madhuri’s persona, glitzy on-air promos and multimedia campaign did manage to evince intial viewer interest. The show opened with respectable 9.7% TVRs amongst Women in Mumbai (SEC AB, 15+) but tanked drastically to 4.95% TVRs by the end of 4 episodes. Similar is the trend in all markets and audiences.

Lets look at the data more closely. Chart 1 has centerwise trends. While Mumbai and Kanpur had similar opening TVRs (first episode) the drop in Mumbai is dramatic.

Chart1: Good opening but viewers lost interest

Source: TAM
TG: C & S, 4+ Yrs in key markets

The recent qualitative study by Lodestar points at a few things that called for the disconnect. While 79% of 150 respondents logged on to the show, only a meager 15% sat through the show. The study suggests that as much as 90% of the respondents clearly disliked the show terming it as ‘silly and stupid’, ‘a spectacle made out of one’s private life’ and ‘extravagance overdone’, while a paltry 10% had a positive response to it, that too owing to the show’s superficial elements. Of these 10% of the respondents, the response was proportionately divided between those who were completely awed by it and those who felt that it was ‘ok’.

The show was seen as a big driver for Sony and has surely not met the initial expectations amongst media planners and clients. Given the expectations, the show had as many as 9 associate sponsors, including Samsung, Fair & Lovely, Colgate and Pantene.

While this may be an early trend, programming team at Sony will have to get their act together and remove the plastic smiles and terse answers. But even then, Madhuri ka magic chalega kya?

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