Sony’s ‘Dance Dance’ makes significant changes in scheduling

Sony’s ‘Dance Dance’ makes significant changes in scheduling

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, Jan 07,2005 6:57 AM

Sony’s ‘Dance Dance’ makes significant changes in scheduling

For Sony Entertainment Television, Friday is one slot where the channel has managed to throw up good numbers. Consolidating this further, Sony is all set to bring another initiative to its Friday, 8.00 pm slot, in the form of ‘Dance Dance’ starting January 14. Consequently, ‘Koi Dil Mein Hai’ moves to Thursday 8.00 pm in a one-hour format and the half hour dailies, ‘Hum 2 Hai Na’ and ‘Ayushmaan’ become Monday to Wednesdays.

This was seen during ‘Indian Idols’ launch as well, when ‘Jassi…’ and ‘Ye Meri…’ were reduced to thrice a week and then made four times again with the Thursday episodes airing at 10.30 pm (Jassi…) and 11.00 pm (Ye Meri). Going forward, after the drop in ratings in the Thursday episodes of ‘Jassi…’, the show is made three days a week again. On Thursdays ‘Ye Meri’ is aired at 10.30 pm.

Now, how would this current change in scheduling impact Sony? “The shows that have gone thrice a week were in any case not delivering high numbers. The channel doesn’t stand to lose much,” says Nandini Dias, Vice President, Lodestar Media, “It makes sense to bring a new show in a strong or an average slot, so that the show gets a better window. This way, the new show gets a better opportunity.”

Dwelling on the thought process behind the channel’s decision, shares Gitanjali Murari, Creative Director, Sony, “We are very strong in that slot and the weekends are meant for shows like these, so it makes sense to have the show placed there.”

Sharing more on the reason behind the show, she adds, “The Indian audience loves dance and we know this with our experience with Boogie Woogie. From the audience to the judges, the sets and the anchor, we have everything that would constitutes a good product and we are sure that it will make its mark with the viewer.”

Miditech has produced the show and it is anchored by Javed Jaffery. This show too is an adaptation of Endamor’s ‘Strictly Dancing’. The attempt here is to find India’s best dancer couple. The ground activities around the show have culminated and the channel now has 64 couples competing. The initial rounds would be judged by a panel comprising of Saroj Khan, Vaibhavi Merchant and Terence Lewis. Following this, votes would be invited from the audience to zero in the final dance couple.

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