Sony twists story line to preempt viewer fatique

Sony twists story line to preempt viewer fatique

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Thursday, Oct 17,2002 7:20 AM

Sony twists story line to preempt viewer fatique

Soon after launching a slew of new programmes in the last couple of months, Sony has now decided to give new twists and turns to its existing fare. Serials that are going for a 'makeover' right away are Kkussum, Kutumb and Heena. Considering the fact that Kutumb, after it was given a new story line, dropped out of Top 50 chart, will it be a good move to change the story lines of so many soaps in a row?

Says Tapan Pal, CEO, Zenith Media, "Changes this time are in the existing story-line, and not beginning of another story under the same name, and with the same protagonists. Agreed, that there has been a slight dip in Kutumb's TRPs after the relaunch, however it cannot be compared to these changes."

The channel expects the move to help in increasing programme life cycle by preempting fatigue factor. According to Anupama Mandloi, Director On-Air Programming and Nachiket Pantvaidya, V.P. Programming, Sony TV, "We would be infusing life into our flagship programmes like Kkusum, Heena and Kutumb. This is part of the process to keep giving our loyal audiences fresher plots and stories, and to reinforce their habitual viewing."

But if the channel feels that fatigue factor would set in as the progrmmes have been air for long (Heena - almost four year, Kkussum - nearly two years - five days a week (now four), why is not looking at putting an end to them instead of stretching the programmes too long. State Mandloi and Pantvaidya, "We believe that the term 'stretched too long' will be manifest in the ratings of the programmes. The popularity of a particular serial is a testimony to the fact that it is liked. Like we mentioned earlier, we would of course introduce new elements in the show to reinforce these. "

Agrees Pal, "The programmes in which the channel is planning to bring in changes are the channel drivers, and hence there is nothing wrong if it is making an attempt to increase their life and stickiness. I don't think it would have a negative effect on TRPs. To the contrary, it might help them in improving TRPs. Or at the least, keep the loyal viewership base. Sony is quite a research savvy channel, and the changes must be the result of feedback they have been receiving".

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