Sony to air its next reality project 'Fame Academy' on weekdays

Sony to air its next reality project 'Fame Academy' on weekdays

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Apr 26,2005 7:37 AM

Sony to air its next reality project 'Fame Academy' on weekdays

Sony Entertainment Television sure hasn't shown enough of reality. The channel is all set to air its next reality project Endemol's 'Fame Academy'. The show will come in as a daily from Monday to Friday in the 8.30 pm slot. Even as it is still called 'Fame Academy,' the channel is contemplating the title 'Kala Academy' for the Indian version, which goes on-air in June 2005.

As was the case with 'Indian Idol,' the show would again see the partnership of the production houses Miditech and Optimystix. Sources close to the situation informed that the show is slated for later June or early July. 'Fame Academy' too is a musical but the reality quotient of the show is much higher than Indian Idol. The channel would build a set, an academy, which would be completely wired so as to capture every emotion of the participants.

The show will be preceded by a four-city audition. However, as the auditions wouldn't be aired, the focus on capturing these would not be as high as it was in the case of Indian Idol. The completion of the audition would give the programmers 14 finalists who would be taken to the 'academy'. A team of top experts professionally will train their raw talent. The sources said that almost 40 cameras would follow the students' every move 24x7.

The channel stating that it is still too early in the day, didn't offer any comments. And as for the industry, the fact that the show is a big ticket property again and the channel's sales team is already in the process of finalising sponsors, indicates the optimism around it. The 18 week show will make way for the second round of 'Indian Idol'. Definitely looks like another round high emotion drama and lots of music for Sony.

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