Sony takes content execution a step ahead with CID

Sony takes content execution a step ahead with CID

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, Oct 29,2004 8:05 AM

Sony takes content execution a step ahead with CID

For Sony Entertainment Television, CID is one programme that has not only presented a genre of differentiation in television content but has also been one of the constant deliverers too. The channel’s and CID team’s recent achievement of shooting a one-hour, 51-minute episode in one shot means a step ahead in programming execution but at the same time, also gives the channel an opportunity to make some noise.

If the initiative in itself is seen, a one-shot episode doesn’t really make a difference for the viewer. However, it does provide a platform to create some buzz with the viewers and Sony is cashing in on that. The channel has planned quite a lot to make the viewers aware of the unique manner in which this episode is shot. The channel has pegged the communication on ‘attempt to create a world record’ till the day of airing the episode. Following this, the communication would emphasise on the success of the attempt.

The two-hour episode would be aired at 7.00 pm on November 7. Speaking more on the initiative, Tarun Katial, EVP, Programming and Response, shares, “To manage an episode like this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We aim at bringing path-breaking innovations in programming for our viewers and this is a step in that direction. At the same time, however, a television property is about the viewer. We have planned a no-break episode for the show and for any viewer, that is a treat.”

However, what does one feel about the fact that there is no commercial advantage attached to the deal? “There isn’t a need to see everything in a commercial light. For the CID team, this is an achievement and we are happy to partner with them in it,” replies Katial. As to whether he expects the episode to deliver numbers, “It will rate what it has to rate. Viewers would want to watch something like this.”

Needless to say, the CID team is very excited. “Months of preparation have gone into making the right script that would allow us to achieve this target,” expresses B N Singh, the man behind the show, “Apart from the right script, we needed the right technical support and a team that would be able to execute the task. Something as trivial as switching off the light in time can create a problem. We are very proud that everything fell in place and we achieved this goal.”

May be for the viewer, an effort like this doesn’t make a difference. However, there is no denying that this one initiative that means a lot for Indian television programming itself and the acknowledgment in Limca World Record Book signifies just that.

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