Sony plans bringing subsequent seasons of Indian Idol

Sony plans bringing subsequent seasons of Indian Idol

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Nov 08,2004 7:51 AM

Sony plans bringing subsequent seasons of Indian Idol

Enthused by the impressive opening numbers that Indian Idol has garnered for Sony Entertainment Television, the channel is taking a look at the reality from a closer angle. The channel’s Executive Vice President, Sunil Lulla believes that Indian Idol has the potential to be the channel’s driver show and shares that Sony is keen to bring in subsequent seasons of the show.

For Sony, Indian Idol has achieved various points – all episodes of the show entered the top 50 list, an average rating of 5-plus in TVR signifies that over 50 million viewers have accepted the show and that the slot’s viewership itself has delivered twice of what it was earlier. “Also, the show is placed at conventional drama time,” says Lulla, “This acceptance signifies that not only does the audience have a great appetite for unconventional programming but that a format show like Indian Idol has proved to be a great family entertainer.”

The channel firmly believes that it is the format of the show that has clicked with the Indian audience. Lulla observes, “All elements of show have the hooked the audience. This has created great optimism around the reality genre itself. It is clear that Indian audience is ready to accept reality, if handled well.”

Though he feels it might still be early to call Indian Idol the driver show for the channel, he is confident that the property is sure to pay off. “We will get even Indian Idol 2 and 3 on the channel as is seen internationally,” he says.

However, does he think that considering the kind of investment that the channel has made in the show, these ratings prove to be a valuable proposition? “Yes, they are,” asserts Lulla, “it is internationally seen that the opening numbers of the show has been lower than in the later stages when people get more involved with it. From here the numbers for the show will only grow.”

Also, properties related to the show have given the channel some numbers. The channel created a show called ‘Aap Jaisa Koi Meri…’ based on the on-ground promotion the channel did for Indian Idol and is aired on the channel’s weekends. As per TAM Media Research, the opening numbers that the show delivered were 4.17, 2.25, 2.31 and 1.69.

The channel had managed five associate sponsors for Indian Idol, who have been presented well on the show so far. Lulla shares that in days to come, the sponsors can also be seen promoting the show. In totality, Indian Idol has various things going for the channel. In its current Thursday slot, if the channel even sustains the 5-plus rating, the slot would be delivering more than what ‘Jassi…’ and ‘Ye Meri…’ have been doing.

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