Sony focuses some more on alternative revenue platforms with Indian Idol 2

Sony focuses some more on alternative revenue platforms with Indian Idol 2

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Nov 08,2005 8:30 AM

Sony focuses some more on alternative revenue platforms with Indian Idol 2

Sony Entertainment Television is living one of its busiest months with back-to-back launches announced on the channel and yet more in the pipelines. The channel’s high-profile show – Indian Idol – is back again for a November 21 launch in the 8.30 pm slot. The Network’s COO, N P Singh, informed that the channel will focus on alternative revenue sources some more with Indian Idol, season 2.

Indian Idol has been one of the highest delivering properties for Sony. However, some initiatives on the channel’s part to milk the property further were seen when it used all of its top singers from Idol… in addition to the single winner in music CDs. Singh divulged that this was seen internationally as well with this property, but in India, Sony had been aggressive in capitalising on this avenue.

Apart from music CDs, Singh said that the channel was also concentrating on interactive revenue this time, “Interactive revenue is in any case big on properties like this. Even in the share we get, given the volumes that interactive revenue sees, there is substantial benefit in this. We are looking at working on that some more for the second season.”

These revenue streams are in addition to the traditional route of advertising and a not so traditional but prevalent form of in-programme product placement. “Idol… gives you ample opportunities to experiment with in-programme and give various solutions to clients. In this season as well, this would be a key returns stream.”

With ‘Fame Gurukul’ and earlier ‘Jassi…’, another experiment the channel did was to launch books – ‘Seven Steps of Success’ in the case of Jassi and ‘Inside Fame Gurukul’ for ‘Fame’. Singh further said that yet another area that the channel was looking at was merchandising. “There is a lot of potential that can be tapped in that. You will be seeing more active attempts in this soon,” he said.

All in all, Indian Idol does seem to give the channel ‘bang for the buck’. The return of the show is accompanied with a 360 degree marketing campaign, where in the channel is taking its ‘Agla Kaun’ or ‘Who’s Next’ base line across mediums and on-ground as well.

The channel’s marketing head, Nina Jaipuria, said that the effort of the channel would be to make as much if not more noise, pan India, than what it did at the time of the show’s launch last year.

Coming in the 8.30 slot, the channel has pushed its 9.00 pm driver show ‘Kkusum’ to 7.30 pm for the time being, but channel officials informed that ‘Kkusum’ would go off air end-November.

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