Sony bullish on ‘Deal Ya No Deal’, intensifies promotion around the show

Sony bullish on ‘Deal Ya No Deal’, intensifies promotion around the show

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, Dec 16,2005 8:25 AM

Sony bullish on ‘Deal Ya No Deal’, intensifies promotion around the show

Sony Entertainment Channel, which tasted immense success with ‘Indian Idol’, is now all set to promote ‘Deal Ya No Deal’ to bring it in the league of ‘Idol’. ‘Idol’ had seen a lot of action during the pre-launch marketing drive of the shows.

One of the promotion strategies for ‘Deal Ya No Deal’ is to air a special celebrity episode every week, one of the first one’s being Jassi in her original avatar.

“Jassi is one of the most successful Sony brands and people have loved her in her initial form. This is the first and last time after the makeover that she will appear in her original appearance and we have tweaked Madhavan’s appearance also to match with it,” said Nina Jaipuria, Sony, VP, Marketing.

The other specials planned include music composer Anu Malik, ‘Kkusum’ protagonists at the beginning of the show, and Mukesh Khanna (of ‘Shaktimaan’ fame). Jaipuria explained that the idea was to bring in different audiences to sample the show, for instance more kids audience coming with Mukesh Khanna.

Elaborating on the reason behind the push for the show, when there are also other new properties on the channel, Jaipuria said, “For us it is as big as ‘Idol’, if not bigger – it is aired three days a week, whereas ‘Idol’ is aired on only two days. We are very confident about the show, the numbers are picking up and the on-ground response we have is great. People want to take part in the show, which means that it is already making noise in the right circles and we are giving it a 100 per cent push on our part.”

Quoting TAM Media Research numbers, the show began with a 3 plus and has been on a 2 plus ever since. Industry opinion on these numbers of ‘Deal Ya No Deal’ were mixed, where the people who aren’t expecting more from the show are almost equivalent to those who believe that this is a format that will grow on the Indian audience.

Sony’s marketing push for the show is strong and much of the content is planned, which will be aggressively promoted on the SET Network. Whether or not this proves the people who are expecting more from the show right or not, will be known soon enough.

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