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Siyaram spells out the ‘Coming Home’ theme in a new TVC

Siyaram spells out the ‘Coming Home’ theme in a new TVC

Author | Anushree Madan Mohan | Wednesday, Feb 18,2004 6:01 AM

Siyaram spells out the ‘Coming Home’ theme in a new TVC

A young, dynamic NRI who longs for the Indian touch. That’s the crux behind the new Siyaram Silk Mills television commercial. And for those who dismiss the idea as just another ‘Poor Little Rich Boy’ theme, you couldn’t be more wrong.

For one, it spells out the current situation of millions of Indians who make it to foreign shores and yet reminisce about the things they took for granted in India. And it fits in perfectly with the brand communication for Siyaram, an apparel brand that signifies Indian elements, a feeling of belonging and the sights and smells that you would best associate with home.

Says Anvita Dutt, Creative Director, Percept, “The Siyaram ‘Coming home’ theme is one of the longest running campaigns in the history of Indian advertising. We felt the need to extend the campaign further and give it a whole new interpretation by focusing on a young and enterprising Indian who’s extremely successful in the professional arena, but feels a sense of alienation on the personal front. He’s in an unfamiliar land and the brand reminds him of home and gives him a feeling of belonging. We didn’t want the TVC to be treated like any other, and hence ended it on a wistful note (when the male model is all alone on the eve of Diwali and lights a diya to curb his loneliness) giving the viewers something to think about. It is the final clip of the TVC that depicts the emotional connect between the individual and the brand.”

Dutt adds, “Magnificent Indian surroundings, the pomp and grandeur associated with a country like ours, our rich tradition and values - all these elements have been depicted in the brand communication of Siyaram to the fullest. Those things worked for us, then. We have now decided to take the campaign a step further by depicting a TVC that voices what most Indians feel, when they are on foreign shores.”

N Gangadhar, General Manager (Marketing), Siyaram asserts that the TVC is an episodic one and would be followed by a sequel in the near future. He states, “The ad is a sixty seconder, and is being aired on all the main channels. What’s important is that it’s a clutter breaking effort and stands out from most apparel/clothing brands and garners a good amount of visibility in the market place. The backbone of the commercial is the strong and emotionally compelling visuals that depict a small town man who’s made it big in a foreign country and the catchy background music of ‘Ghar Aaja’. While the ad ends on a wistful note, we would be following it up with a sequel where the young man would be reunited with the people that he calls his own.”

Gangadhar adds, “Since we are an indigenous brand and we reflect Indian values, our communication has always been about ‘Coming Home’. Our television commercials representing Boris Becker and Diya Mirza have added to our communication manifold and we are sure that this particular TVC would make a world of difference too.”

Isn’t the NRI longing for home, a theme beaten to death? Gangadhar answers, “I don’t agree. I think that the Non Resident Indian is a very significant figure in the scheme of things today and with increasing globalization and the large numbers of people that work in foreign shores, issues of alienation are bound to arise. Our TVC just manages to capture the mindset of one such individual.”

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