Shri Adhikari Brothers’ Janmat channel to see light post-Diwali

Shri Adhikari Brothers’ Janmat channel to see light post-Diwali

Author | Asit Ranjan Mishra | Thursday, Oct 27,2005 7:39 AM

Shri Adhikari Brothers’ Janmat channel to see light post-Diwali

The proposed new ‘views’ channel Janmat from Shri Adhikari Brothers has postponed its October launch, Harish Gupta, Director, News & Current Affairs, informed exchange4media.

“Though we are ready with our preparations, the launch of the channel is postponed because of the ongoing festive season, when potential viewers are more busy giving and receiving gifts than watching channels. The festive season ends on November 5 and we will launch the channel any time after that.”

Though Gupta refused to divulge the exact date, informed industry sources said that the channel, whose test signal is already on, would be launched on November 7.

The first among at least three news channels to be launched by the end of the year, Janmat is conceived as a ‘views channel’, which will focus more on debates and discussions involving general viewers in almost each programme.

Some big names like Vir Sanghvi, Rahul Dev, Karan Thapar have been roped in to anchor shows on the channel. Gupta himself will be anchoring his show ‘Jan Sansad’, currently on air on SAB TV, though in a new format.

Shekhar Suman will also be anchoring a surprise serious show called ‘Aap Ka Haq’. “It will be a makeover for Sekhar Suman, who is known only for his humorous shows,” Gupta informed.

Elaborating on the concept of the channel, Gupta said, “The channel is a product of the vision of Markand Adhikari, who gave the viewers India’s first humour channel, SAB TV. Then he decided to come out with a complete serious channel. This channel will be a unique one with a format, which has never been tried in India. We will be the only channel in our segment. We won’t be following run-of-the-mill kind of journalism or quick-fix journalism. This horde of byte journalism always bites me.”

Discontented with the judgements of news channels on breaking news, Gupta said, “We will be very cautious about putting a news as breaking news. Present channels have ruined this concept with every accident becoming a breaking news. Our tickers will also be quite different. In fact, it will be the best ticker among all the channels.”

On sting operations, Gupta observed, “We believe in investigative journalism and sting operation is a potent tool for this, but a line has always to be drawn between investigative journalism and the right to privacy of a person. We don’t believe in borrowed investigations, borrowed CD business.”

When asked why news channels hardly broke new stories and almost always only blew up stories first carried by the print media, Gupta, who comes with a long career in print journalism, agreed and said, “I used to wonder the same way when I was on the other side of the business. Now I realise that the problem with electronic journalists is that they never get time to think, unlike their print counterparts. The reason being they have to work overtime as at present this medium is quite understaffed. But the situation is changing and things should improve in the near future.”

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