Sangeet Bangla Network launches Hindi music channel Music India

Sangeet Bangla Network launches Hindi music channel Music India

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Oct 10,2006 7:50 AM

Sangeet Bangla Network launches Hindi music channel Music India

After Sangeet Bangla, a Bengali music channel, Sangeet Bangla Network Pvt Ltd has started a Hindi music channel, Music India. The channel would be available nationwide, covering all Hindi speaking markets in the country.

“The success of Sangeet Bangla, which saw entertainment in West Bengal reach a new level, prompted the promoters to launch Music India. Also, the wealth of experience that the promoters have in successfully handling promotion for entertainment products proved a decisive factor in venturing into a project of this nature,” explained an official spokesperson on the reason for launching the channel.

Music India has started off with online campaigns for its marketing. A new website – – is also on the cards. The site is being created and would be continuously updated. Elaborating more on this, the spokesperson said, “We thought the best way to catch the youth would be on the web. A few other promotional ideas that we cannot talk about at this stage are in the oven and would be out soon. Apart from that, it’s the word-of-mouth campaign that has taken off, and surprisingly, we had never planned it.”

Speaking on the differentiator, the spokesperson said, “In terms of content, we have the latest in Bollywood and music albums. Music India’s programming is very different from other music channels. We believe that when someone switches on to a music channel all he wants to do is listen to some music. Period.”

On the expectations from the channel, the spokesperson said, “With the kind of professional set-up and programme mix that the channel has to offer, we expect to touch the pulse of the Hindi music audience, who are looking for a 360-degree view of Bollywood and Hindi music.”

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