SaharaOne TV too takes the 5-days a week content route

SaharaOne TV too takes the 5-days a week content route

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, Dec 07,2005 7:42 AM

SaharaOne TV too takes the 5-days a week content route

It would be safe to say that Zee TV brought the trend back earlier in the year when it took its primetime five days a week, which is the Monday to Friday way of working vis-à-vis the Monday to Thursday week. STAR Plus did it for some of its shows to cushion ‘KBC 2’ on Fridays and now SaharaOne has joined the league as well. Its three primetime shows are now extended Monday to Fridays as well.

Explaining the reason to extend the shows over to Friday, channel’s COO, Purnendu Bose. “While the viewer lives Monday to Friday in a particular way and has a change on the weekends, which is Saturday and Sunday, we were looking at Monday to Thursday as one block, Friday as another and Saturday and Sunday as yet another blocks. This really is just living the channel the way the viewer lives his wife. After all, we are a part of his life.”

The three shows going Monday to Friday are ‘Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki’, ‘Hare Kkaanch Ki Choodiyan’ and the recently launched ‘Kituu Sabb Jaanti Hai’ at 9.30 pm. The change has come into effect from this week. ‘Saath Rahega Always’, the latest show on SaharaOne Television’s based on the carefree campus life would, however, continue to be four days a week.

A commonly given argument for the Monday to Thursday way of working was that even as it made production sense of sorts, what it also allowed the channel was variety and differentiated audience on Fridays.

Does he think that the channel will miss out on this ‘benefits’ in the new scheduling? Bose replied, “Variety on a channel comes from the shows and SaharaOne is known for bringing in differentiated shows on the television. None of our protagonists are like any other you see on TV. By taking the show to Friday, we are extending appointment viewing by one more day.”

The recent examples seen on TV have thrown different results for the five-day week change. While for Zee, the ratings didn’t see much of a change for the shows in question or the channel on the whole, but for STAR, the Friday episodes have seen a definite dip vis-à-vis the earlier weekday episodes. As for SaharaOne, whether the change will make any difference to the channel’s overall performance, one will know soon.

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