SaharaOne starts fully interactive game show 'Dial ONE aur Jeeto'

SaharaOne starts fully interactive game show 'Dial ONE aur Jeeto'

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Thursday, Feb 17,2005 8:18 AM

SaharaOne starts fully interactive game show 'Dial ONE aur Jeeto'

SaharaOne Television has started its first-ever fully interactive and totally live game show, 'Dial ONE aur Jeeto,' on the Valentine's Day. The show follows a straightforward, uncluttered format. A viewer has to dial 39 700 401, and the host asks three increasingly challenging questions. For the correct answer, the caller gets a prize varying from household appliances to vacation packages.

However, an incorrect answer immediately eliminates the caller from the game. Answering the third question incorrectly results in the caller forfeiting the prize collected for answering even the second question correctly. Of course, the caller may choose to opt out of the game after succeeding through the second level, thus retaining his/her accumulated stock.

Simple though it may sound, there is, in fact, a catch to the game: the caller may enlist the help of any resource in the pursuit of the correct answer: from family, to friends, to neighbours, to information repositories like encyclopedias, or the internet, or even the CIA but within all of 10 whole seconds. For the second episode of 'Dial ONE aur Jeeto', more than a million viewers dialed in from all over the country, 2,485 viewers got connected, 263 were registered, 6 got to play the game, and all of them won a total of 9 prizes collectively. Of course, if you wish to just sit back on your couch and participate on the show, SaharaOne Television has an exclusive tie-up with all Café Coffee Day outlets for live screening for the promotion of this show

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