Sahara Samay rechristened as Samay Mumbai; launches 22 new shows

Sahara Samay rechristened as Samay Mumbai; launches 22 new shows

Author | Khushboo Tanna | Saturday, Feb 27,2010 7:52 AM

Sahara Samay rechristened as Samay Mumbai; launches 22 new shows

Sahara Samay, the Hindi news channel from Sahara India Pariwar, has donned a new identity as Samay Mumbai. While the name ‘Sahara’ has been dropped, the Sahara logo continues to be a part of the channel’s identity.

The new identity of the channel is being launched in phases. The first phase was when the look and the feel of the channel was changed on January 26, 2010. Along with the new look, there has been a change in the presentation of the newsroom as well. This new identity has been designed by an in-house team.

Ayush Raina, Core Management Team, Samay Mumbai, claimed, “We are the first news channel in India to use the 16:9 ratio as our screen format. (The 16:9 ratio is the preferred form of screen format in almost all the latest plasma and LCD flatscreen TVs). While other news channels use the colour black for the negative space (background), Samay Mumbai is using the colour white for the same.”

The channel’s second phase has started with the introduction of no less than 22 new shows. All these shows will be hosted by celebrities. Shyam Rajagopalan, Core Management Team, Samay Mumbai, informed, “Most of these shows are of 12-minute duration with ample repeats throughout the week. The channel has also played a bit with the programming line-up to promote these shows.”

Raina added here, “The 12-minute shows will be compressed to 5 minutes and will be shown throughout the week so that viewers can get a gist of the show. There will also be a one-minute version of these shows, which will highlight the main essence of the episode.

“That way, whenever a viewer tunes in to our channel, he can have a feel of the new content,” Rajagopalan added.

These shows would be across genres such as lifestyle, health and fitness, and so on. All these shows would be Mumbai centric, keeping in line with the core thought of ‘Take a stand Mumbai’, which the channel believes in. These new shows would be launched by next week. While the spokespeople were not ready to share details of the marketing spends for this activity, they pointed out that right now the shows would be promoted only on the Sahara Network and would use other media at a later stage, after the shows go on air.

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