Sahara Manoranjan offers three new shows

Sahara Manoranjan offers three new shows

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Aug 17,2004 8:50 AM

Sahara Manoranjan offers three new shows

Sahara Manoranjan has planned to offer its viewers with lots of actions taking place on its comedy and afternoon band. The channel has planned two new shows on the weekly comedy slot and one in the afternoon.

Sahara’s current Wednesday and Thursday 9.00 to 9.30-pm line-up constitutes of the comedy ‘Bhagwan Bachae’. Two new initiatives have been planned for this slot, wrapping this show. The first to hit the tube would be ‘Aao Bahen Chughli Karen’ on August 18. “This show gives an insight of how the upper class get involved in gossip. The show is done up in good taste and will have the viewer rolling,” shares Triptii Sharma, Sr VP, Programming, Sahara Manoranjan. This show is done by Girish Mallik and Clapsten productions.

The second one, ‘Main office Tere Aangan Ki’ follows the next day, August 19. Speaking on this, Sharma says, “Even in the comedy band, there are too many things currently done around families. This one combines the office and home environment and brings a completely different flavour of comedy to the screen.”

This show comes from Hats Off Productions – the production house that has ‘Khichdi’ to its credit. “Hats Off Productions is an expert in this field. We have again tried and put together the experts of the genre with the respective shows to ensure quality in content,” says Sharma.

Speaking on reasons behind choosing half-an-hour weekly format for both the shows, Sharma says, “It is very difficult to manoeuvre the comedy genre. That is the only reason why we don’t have many players in the field. It makes sense to come with a weekly product. This way you know you can chew what you have bitten.”

The initiative, coming on the afternoon slot is Raja Mukerji’s ‘Prratima’. The show is planned on a Monday to Thursday 2.00 pm slot. This one is a social drama show, inspired by a Bengali movie ‘Protima’. “For the afternoon audience, this would be a perfect offering. This is a maiden venture of this production house but the concept is convincing and stands apart due to the stellar performances,” elucidates Sharma.

Evidently quite a lot is happening on Sahara with these three launches in August. Sharma shares that even the other recently-launched shows like ‘Saathiya’, ‘Rubu Duby Hub Dub’ and ‘Raat Hone Ko Hai’ have given the channel very good feedback. “The viewer response we get from the shows is very encouraging. These are just a few initiatives planned for this month. There is a lot more coming soon.”

As far as showcasing new content and marketing are concerned, Sahara has not left any stone unturned to ensure that it keeps fighting for its place in the mass entertainment genre. In terms of ratings, so far these efforts haven’t begun to show. However, now with a new managerial system in place with the joint venture with Percept, perhaps changes can be expected in the channel’s performance soon.

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