Sahara India announces a musical extravaganza on India

Sahara India announces a musical extravaganza on India

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Saturday, Jul 09,2005 7:55 AM

Sahara India announces a musical extravaganza on India

The Sahara India Pariwar is now backing a musical theatrical based on India. Called ‘Bharati’, the stage musical is perhaps the most ambitious and spectacular effort to date to take India to the world.

The vision of Subrata Roy Sahara, Managing Worker and Chairman, Sahara India Pariwar, ‘Bharati’ brings to the world India’s exuberance, richness of content, colours, dimensions and depth never seen before. The vision of Roy has been translated into the musical by writer Kamlesh Pande and has been interpreted in a theatrical form by the theatre production house Pasha Goshi Productions (PGP).

The 90-minute show, with a cast and crew of 150 people, will be performed in the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, New York and other countries in French, German, Italian and other languages, besides English and Hindi.

The inaugural show will be held at Tel Aviv’s National Centre of Performing Arts in September 2005. The cast and crew will be leaving for Israel in July.

Present at the ceremony to announce the theatrical on India were the key people behind the creation of ‘Bharati’ – Kamlesh Pande, who is also consultant to Sahara India Pariwar and executive producer of ‘Bharati’; Abhijit Sarkar, Head, Sahara Corporate Communications and an executive producer of 'Bharati'; Gashash Deshe, Managing Director, Pasha Goshi Productions Pvt Ltd and an executive producer of ‘Bharati’; and Sanjay Lal, Managing Director and CEO, PDM International and co-producer of ‘Bharati’.

Subrata Roy’s pre-recorded message was also played on the occasion, in which he had said, “‘Bharati’, the stage musical, is the latest offering from Sahara India Pariwar. ‘Bharati’ is perhaps the first effort of its kind to take India to the world and Sahara India Pariwar is proud to develop it. It is not just an Indian effort, but a global initiative as the best of Indian talent has teamed up with the best of European talent to bring it to the international stage. ‘Bharati’ is a journey into the spirit of India, the essence of India, the heart, mind and soul of India into the beauty of our traditions, the richness of our art and culture and the depth of our values. It is a journey into the ideals of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ that the entire world is one family, one Pariwar to survive; the world must team to coexist as India exists – with all its diversity and contradictions.”

Abhijit Sarkar, Head, Sahara Corporate Communications, said, “India is a confluence of various cultures, art, religion and languages. Despite that India is one and will always remain one. ‘Bharati’, a dream vision of Hon'ble Saharasri, is going to depict this spirit of India by presenting our in-depth traditions, richness of our art and culture, which has been inherited by us through ages.”

Speaking on the occasion, Sanjay Lal, co-producer of ‘Bharati’, said that this move would mark an important improvement in the business of theatres. He added, “PDM is proud to be associated with Pasha Goshi Productions in bringing to Indian and foreign audiences, a colourful mosaic of Indian life in the form of ‘Bharati’. The opportunity to take India to the world seemed extremely unique and challenging. Add to that the making of a world class product in India, which can compete with the ever popular musicals like ‘Riverdance’ and ‘Mama Mia’, fuelled our desire to develop this extremely extravagant showcase. After two years of hard work and dedication of a diverse cross section of people from different cultures, today we are ready to bring ‘Bharati’ to the world.”

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