Sahara – STAR fracas takes new turn with conflict over tagline

Sahara – STAR fracas takes new turn with conflict over tagline

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Nov 09,2004 8:53 AM

Sahara – STAR fracas takes new turn with conflict over tagline

On the television arena, Sahara seems to be playing different kind of a game. The channel’s re-launch marking the operation of the Sahara - Percept JV under the SaharaOne name has meant all kinds of action for the channel. After the debacle created on the One name, that took both Sahara and STAR to court, Sahara is now using StarOne’s tagline, ‘ghante ki tuning jamegi’ for its latest contest.

“This is just a phrase that doesn’t belong to any one entity,” expresses SaharaOne’s Peter Isaac, “This is Diwali period and we want to offer some fun to our viewers and we have used this phrase. The response we got to it is overwhelming. The hits on the website, telephone calls – with all this, the contest is working very well.”

SaharaOne’s ‘... Tuning Jamegi’ contest went on-air on November 3 and it started on November 5. Last month, Sahara had taken STAR to court on the usage of the suffix ‘One’ in the name, alleging that the move had created confusion amongst the people. The verdict was passed in Sahara’s favour, where the Court directed STAR to flash the STAR name prior to the One logo.

In the light of this development, how does SaharaOne decide to use One’s tagline? “The One name was a registered trademark. With STAR taking it, it meant infringement, which is not the case here. As I said, this is the flavour of the month, like an Amul hoarding and we have used it.”

As for STAR India’s reaction to this move, Sameer Nair, COO, STAR India states, “Not only is the move unoriginal but it also lacks class. It doesn’t affect us in anyway.”

However, it would be wrong to rule out the possibility of viewers being confused. As a result, which of the two entities gets more affected by moves like this remains a subject of argument, but only for a while.

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