SABeTV: Good programming; Not so good numbers

SABeTV: Good programming; Not so good numbers

Author | Minita Kumar | Friday, Aug 09,2002 8:04 AM

SABeTV: Good programming; Not so good numbers

SABe TV, the Sri Adhikari Brothers promoted Hindi entertainment channel has been around for some time now. Launched on 23rd April 2000 as a 24-hour Hindi general entertainment FTA channel, SABe TV boasts a respectable bouquet of programs. 'Office Office', 'Sriman Srimati', 'Yes Boss', 'Sab Chalta Hai' and 'Satyavadi Harishchandra' are some of the well-produced and appreciated programs on the channel. Yet, despite the good programming initiatives, SABe TV has lacked in terms of TVRs. Even the top programs on the channel, are garnering TVRs between 1 and 2.5 only.

Says Sandeep Singh, VP Marketing, SABe TV, "As compared to channels like Star, Sony and Zee, which have been there for some time, SABe TV has been there for a very short period. However, in spite of our not being around for a very long time, we have managed to garner TRPs greater than 1, which is considerably high, when compared to what many other channels garner. Moreover, we have some of the top advertisers on our channel."

For SABe TV's promoters- Sri Adhikari Brothers, it has been a long association with Doordarshan. And they very much proved their programming acumen on the channel too. Programs like 'Waqt Ki Raftaar', 'Made In India', 'All The Best', 'Sriman Srimati' and a few others, all produced by SABTNL, have been amongst the popular programmes on DD. And now, after a span of time SABTNL again has a host of shows running on DD2 - 'Hello Inspector', 'Kunti', 'Kya Ajeeb Ittefaaq Hai' and 'The Trap'. Three out of these four shows are the top scorers on DD.

SABTNL believes that it's not just Doordarshan that they've done well with, but all the channels they have had an association with, like Zee, EL TV and Home TV. Singh shares the secret to this. "The Indian society does not survive on extra marital affairs, which is something that reflects in the programming of every other channel. We survive on a great mix of programming, and not just TVRs, and this is one thing that makes us stand apart," he says optimistically.

Yet, the kind of TVRs that SABe TV gets, are not in proportion to its good content. Although the fact that it has not been long since SABe TV entered the market may hold true, but maybe what is the need of the hour for SABe TV is to bring to the fore some innovative programming formats to take them ahead on TVR game. After all, that is what did the trick for both Star and Sony.

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