SAB seeks to create some ‘magic’ in its prime time band

SAB seeks to create some ‘magic’ in its prime time band

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Dec 08,2010 7:59 AM

SAB seeks to create some ‘magic’ in its prime time band

SAB TV is seeking to extend its prime time band and is all set to introduce two new shows ‘Ring Wrong Ring’ and ‘Gili Gili Gappa’ at 7.30 pm by mid-December 2010. In keeping with its family entertainment channel proposition, the shows target mostly younger viewers with, what the channel calls, ‘magic comedy’. SAB has adopted the tagline ‘Asli Mazaa Sab ke Saath Aata Hai’ since October this year.

While ‘Ring Wrong Ring’ goes on air on December 13, 2010, ‘Gili Gili Gappa’ will premiere on December 16, 2010. The new shows will serve the dual purpose of forwarding and strengthening the channel’s programming strategy. By positioning both the shows on weekdays at 7.30 pm, the channel has brought forward its prime time slot by half an hour, thereby extending its daily entertainment offering. ‘Ring Wrong Ring’ will air Monday to Wednesday, while ‘Gili Gili Gappa’ will air on Thursdays and Fridays.

While it may be argued that two magic comedy shows might be a tad risky, the channel hopes to tap into its growing children fan base by creating a reserved time slot on weekdays for magic comedy shows. Anooj Kapoor, Executive Vice President and Business Head, SAB TV, explained, “There is an advantage here as the slot promise remains the same – at 7:30 pm, come to SAB for Magic Comedy from Monday to Friday.”

Meanwhile, there appears to be a conscious move to include more child characters in the two new shows, following the popularity of Tappu from ‘Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma’. Kapoor noted, “In the past couple of years, our children viewership has increased from 5-10 per cent to about 30 per cent. This is because we are the only channel that does clean, wholesome entertainment; no regressive shows or negativity. Mothers have written to us saying they feel safer allowing their children to watch the shows. And children love lighthearted shows.”

So far, SAB has dabbled with various different sub-genres in comedy such as Silent Comedy with ‘Sab Chup Raho’ and ‘Gutur Gu’, ‘FIR’ and the newly launched ‘Jannkilavan Jasoos’, which has managed about a 0 .90 TVR in its opening week in the CS 4+ HSM markets as per TAM reports.

In terms of GRPs, too, SAB has recorded a growth from 28 GRPs to about 145 GRPs in the past two and a half years, while its advertising revenues have reportedly gone up by about 400 per cent. While the channel is optimistic about the new additions in its programming, due to budgetary constraints, it plans to launch new shows only in the next fiscal.


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