SAB continues in its light-hearted vein; 2 new shows to go on air

SAB continues in its light-hearted vein; 2 new shows to go on air

Author | Suraj Ramnath | Friday, Nov 18,2011 8:04 AM

SAB continues in its light-hearted vein; 2 new shows to go on air

SAB TV has been on a move by launching a series of new shows on its channel. SAB is now coming up with Chidiyaghar and R. K. Laxman Ki Duniya which will go on air from 28th of November at 9 pm and 9.30 pm respectively.

Chidiyaghar is a unique family comedy show, based on the premise that all humans have some or the other animal trait and its humanity that separates us from animals. Chidiyaghar depicts basic human values like love, respect for others, patience and the true meaning of a family and togetherness that makes us humans.

R. K. Laxman Ki Duniya focuses on the character of ‘The Common Man’ who, is a silent spectator of marching time and confronts India’s latest heartbreak with a kind of wry resignation. The meek and silent common man character, a witness to everything, scheming politicians, gossiping housewives and rapacious bureaucrats, has been hugely successful because it represents the true Indian middle class. The series aims at depicting our happiness and sorrows and our indifference towards things going around us.

Commenting on the launch of Chidiyaghar, Anooj Kapoor, Executive VP & Business Head SAB TV said, “We have always offered our viewers light-hearted content that entices the entire family and Chidiyaghar is a fresh concept that revolves around a unique idea that humans too have animal traits in them and its our values and culture which separates us from them. Each character will remind the viewers of someone they know.”

Adding his views on the launch of R. K. Laxman Ki Duniya, Kapoor said, “We at SAB have always believed in presenting our viewers with real, innovative and fresh concepts with a comical twist. SAB TV is India’s leading light-hearted family entertainment channel and the fact that R. K. Laxman’s cartoons always took a light-hearted view of serious issues makes R. K. Laxman Ki Duniya a perfect fit to be aired on SAB TV.”


Kapoor added, “We have done a 360-degree marketing campaign for both our shows i.e. television, print, outdoor, digital and much more. Around 10% of our market spends has gone for marketing and promotions.”

Success of SAB Ka Evening Show

Kapoor commented, “First two weeks the ratings were not very good as it is a new concept. But the people who have watched it, have given good response. When done a survey, 90% of the viewers have appreciated it and said that it’s a good concept.”

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