Reporter’s Diary: Media is addictive

Reporter’s Diary: Media is addictive

Author | Synjini Nandi | Saturday, Aug 04,2012 9:37 PM

Reporter’s Diary: Media is addictive

Once upon a time, a girl loved watching television. She used to often wonder if she would ever get time to watch television once she starts working. Little did she know that one day her work profile would scream the word ‘Television’ in bold letters. I guess one can never know what the future holds. For someone like me, who was solely and utterly interested in fashion and lifestyle, the journey from management student to broadcast reporter took two months and changed my entire perception of television.

The casual reference to ‘television’ being an idiot box seemed utterly uncalled for and ignorant in the wake of my new job. With the whirlwind of regular events, weekly channel ratings and the launch of new shows, the television media seems to be moving at an astounding pace, which would surely leave one breathless.

There is something wonderful about waking up everyday and not having to anticipate a monotonous day ahead. But then there is something about the so called irony of life. Television and films now served two purposes and the major part is to keep an eagle eye on the latest happenings and flipping channels continuously with the intent of not getting caught by my editor off guard about ‘some show’ on ‘some channel’ replacing ‘some character’. The minor part would be entertainment as they put it.

But with the whirlpool of happenings around me, I have gotten more addicted to the media madness. The energy levels that people possess in this industry are huge. They never seem to tire. My last few weeks were consumed by GECs, movies and music. This week, with the announcement of the ‘Indian TV Fest’ by the Indian Broadcasting Foundation, there has been so much to learn from that there hasn’t been a single lost moment. I also have a new found appreciation for weekends. The best part of my job – I hardly notice how time flies and you can call it a day already!


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