Rebranding NewsX as IMN News fails to enthuse media planners

Rebranding NewsX as IMN News fails to enthuse media planners

Author | Shikha | Thursday, May 13,2010 8:43 AM

Rebranding NewsX as IMN News fails to enthuse media planners

IMN News (formerly NewsX) has an uphill task ahead of it, if media planners’ reaction is anything to go by. While the rebranding exercise has been welcomed by the media planners, it’s a wait and watch to see what changes will be effected in its content line-up and positioning. The general consensus is that changing the channel name is not enough.

As is known, NewsX had announced on May 11 that it was being revamped and would now go by the name Independent Media Network News (IMN News). The new branding would come into effect from July. The new brand identity is another step in IMN News’ ongoing process of realigning and revitalising itself after its acquisition in January 2009.

Speaking to exchange4media, Santosh Desai, CEO, Future Brands, commented, “It is just another name, you can’t say it is fabulously different name. And name is just a small part of the whole imagination and the rebranding exercise. Renaming and rebranding are two different things. Rebranding is reconceptualising the whole form, where what you call yourself is just a small part of it.”

When exchange4media spoke with media planners about whether IMN News would resonate with the news audience, this is what they had to say:

Amit Ray, President and COO, Lintas Media, said, “I don’t think IMN has got any meaning, it is just an abbreviation, but unlike DNA, which stands for Daily News & Analysis. I don’t think NewsX is a big brand, so if they are rebranding themselves, it is good for them.”

Commenting on the development, Sushma Jhaveri, Senior VP, Carat, said. “At the end of the day, it is one more news channel. They will have to start working from ground zero to build the brand again.”

Surbhi Moorthy, Deputy General Manager, Allied Media, observed, “As a brand name it doesn’t resonate with the audience, but it always helps to rebrand and reposition oneself. So, I think it is a good idea, but they will have to work really hard if they want to gain from it.”

IMN News has to work really hard to capitalise from the whole rebranding exercise. July will reveal whether the channel has passed this test.

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