Reality show ‘Bollywood Club’ to premiere on Zoom on September 8

Reality show ‘Bollywood Club’ to premiere on Zoom on September 8

Author | Swapna Rahul Shah | Monday, Aug 25,2008 8:53 AM

Reality show ‘Bollywood Club’ to premiere on Zoom on September 8

Bollywood aspirants seeking that one big break can now look to a new platform – ‘Bollywood Club’. The reality show is premiering on Zoom on September 8 and would be aired Monday-Friday between 8 pm and 8.30 pm. Idea is the title sponsor of the show. ‘Bollywood Club’ would be replacing ‘Bollywood Kal Aaj Aur Kal’.

Speaking on the marketing plans for the new show, MK Anand, Vice-President and Business Head, Zoom, said, “We are planning a reasonably large marketing campaign. While awareness is being built through PR and outdoors, the main media is television and primarily Zoom. Zoom has been predominant because we believe that Bollywood enthusiasts who are our target audience are already coming to our channel in sizeable numbers. We have lined up several interesting cross-media content tie-ups with news channels that we believe would enhance the salient and the reach of the show.”

However, Anand was tight-lipped on the figures spent on this show. All he would say was, “It’s an expensive production and we are putting adequate marketing force behind the project as we believe the concept merits it.”

The concern was the subject could get too dicey. Admitting this, Anand said, “Yes, we are mindful of that and since it is not live coverage, there is always the possibility of editing undesirable footage. However, keeping in mind the spirit of reality, we will exercise prudent editorial judgement to ensure that we are fair to all concerned, including the viewer.”

On the ratings side, Anand said, “Till now, Zoom’s channel defining shows were mainly in the Bollywood news and features genre. This is our first show in a different template. This difference we believe will increase Zoom’s usage further. While Zoom has never been bought for its ratings, it is important to note that the channel does have a reasonably large reach of about 30-35 per cent on a weekly basis. ‘Bollywood Club’, we believe, will increase this reach further and also contribute towards improving time spent purely because of the nature of reality format.”

“We have a real club in Lokhandwala (in Mumbai), where Bollywood insiders are invited to hang out and aspirants and strugglers are given an opportunity to interact and try and make an impact on a daily basis. All the real life drama that happens on a daily basis, we felt, needed to be taken to the consumers on a daily basis,” Anand added.

‘Bollywood Club’ will showcase talent, emotions and the joys and thrills of meeting with celebrity producers, directors, lyricists and choreographers. It aims to bring to light real-life stories of struggling artists who have the most heart-wrenching anecdotes to share. Unlike other reality-based programmes, ‘Bollywood Club’ does not promise any kind of gratification at the end. It simply turns cameras on the unending sagas of struggle that unfold daily in the race for stardom.

As far as episode structure is concerned, it would be a mix of struggler life stories, candid on-camera interaction, some performances, and the highs and lows of making it or not making it. “Therefore, we termed this concept as ‘Dreams meet Reality’ concept,” explained Anand.

He further said, “We have already commenced shooting and in the first week itself we’ve had Vikram Bhatt signing up an artist for his forthcoming movie, which is extremely heartening.”

‘Bollywood Club’ was inaugurated last week by filmmaker Subhash Ghai at the D Ultimate studio in Lokhandwala. Speaking at the launch, Ghai had said, “There is a lot of talent in this country which is going unnoticed because people take years to find that one window of opportunity. ‘Bollywood Club’ is an attempt to bring such talented aspirants one step closer to achieving their dreams. I have seen some great talent here today and hope to see some of it in the industry soon.”

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