Ratings on a high with ICC T20 World Cup; Future Cup opens decent

Ratings on a high with ICC T20 World Cup; Future Cup opens decent

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Oct 08,2007 8:22 AM

Ratings on a high with ICC T20 World Cup; Future Cup opens decent

The ratings of the ICC Twenty20 World Cup have good news for advertisers, just as it had for Indian cricket fans. TAM Media Research data shows that for the C&S 15+ in the all-India market, the final match played between India and Pakistan achieved an overall TRP of 16.94 -- with ESPN at 9.18 and Star Cricket at 7.76. While some see this as fair numbers, others think that with the super-eight match with England giving an 11 plus, and the semi-final with Australia delivering a 14.6, the expectation from the India-Pakistan final was 20 plus.

On a broader note, however, media analysts are happy with these numbers. The numbers of the Future Cup, where India battles it out with Australia, which is close on the heels of the T20 World Cup, are also out. Even as the first match was a wash-out in the second innings, the first innings delivered a cumulative number of 7.31 TRP. DD1 has contributed 5.85 here, while Neo Sports has given 1.46. Neo Sport Plus also had a feed but the numbers are very low.

It may be noted here that the Neo Sports and DD feeds have different advertisers, so only the advertisers that were present on both the channels could reap the advantages of cumulative ratings. “I think a problem that Neo Sports is facing is in its distribution,” said Divya Radhakrishnan, VP, TME. Nandini Dias, COO, Lodestar Universal, agreed to the same.

Shashi Kalathil, CEO, Neo Sports, explained, “From here, it would only get better. Our connectivity is improving. While we have good presence in the cow belt and cities like Mumbai and Delhi, we are still in the process of tying up deals with markets like Tamil Nadu. That said, Neo Sports has done well in the markets that it is present in.”

Speaking more on the numbers, Kalathil said, “An average rating that is close to 9, well, we have not seen such ratings for a long time. If you compare this with the India-England series, these numbers are a 30-40 per cent jump on the ratings we saw then. However, I believe that the so-called peak rating of 11.5 is a little low. If we would’ve stayed with the match, it would have gone up.”

Both Dias and Radhakrishnan believe that these numbers are also a carry-over effect from the previous matches. Dias said, “T20 will get higher ratings because it is like a three-hour movie. These numbers are also good though.” Radhakrishnan pointed out, “The rating is good, but the fact that Doordarshan is the key contributor is a very interesting point.”

Media analysts believe that one take-off from the numbers is that the average number that cricket is being seen against is a little higher following the T20 win for India. Where people were looking at 5 and 6 from cricket, today the automatic expectation is 8 to 9. This may be good news for channels that have cricket properties at present, as it raises interest in the game again. However, some of the deals on cricket are reportedly TRP-led deals.

For such cases, the channels would be hoping for better numbers in the forthcoming matches.

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