RAPA extends last date for receiving entries

RAPA extends last date for receiving entries

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Tuesday, Mar 02,2004 6:31 AM

RAPA extends last date for receiving entries

With around 800 entries already on the platter, the RAPA Awards Committee has extended the last date for receiving these entries. Now interested applicants can send in the requisite entries till the 10th of March 2004. Says Brij Mittle, President, RAPA, "Well, the response has been overwhelming and we have already received around 800 entries in all. In view of the increasing number of entries, we have decided to prolong the date to 10th of March 2004. . In the previous year, we had seen around 700 entries and many noted faces across radio, television and advertising. We expect the total number of entries to be 1000 or more, this time around."

There are certain qualities that make RAPA unique. The only organization that gives awards for excellence on radio, RAPA Awards recognizes around 17 Indian languages and 53 categories in television, radio and advertising. Mittle asserts, "What's different about RAPA is the fact that we recognize around 17 Indian languages and 53 categories, making the entire effort a momentous one. Unlike many other awards ceremonies that spin off the awards before the year ends, we actually wait for the New Year to begin, so that we can have a eyeful of all the work that's been displayed throughout the year. Just to be sure, that we aren't leaving anything out."

Within radio, there are categories for excellence in Programme (script), Programme (Non Film), Public Service Advertising, Jingle composition, Jingle (Singing), Spot (Non Film), Radio Jockeying, and Spot /Trailor (film) etc. Within television advertising, the categories include excellence in Advertising Film, TV Jingle script, TV Spot Script, Camerawork in an Ad film, Public Service Advertising and Production House Of the Year. For serials, music videos, tele films on television, there are awards for the best Children's serial, Comedy, Film based programme, Game Show, Soap Opera and Mythological Serial.

The RAPA Special Awards include RAPA Hamid Sayani Trophy (All around contribution to Radio/Television), RAPA K.K Suvarna Trophy (Outstanding voice performance), RAPA Sheel Kumar Trophy (Best Performance on TV), RAPA S. S. Oberoi Trophy (Campaign of the year on Television, inclusive of minimum three entries and RAPA (Campaign of the year on Radio). The Awards committee includes Danish Khan, CM Patel, R Jankiraman, R Swaminathan, Pramod Suri and Manoj Lunia.

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