'Rang Barse' adds more colour to STAR weekend

'Rang Barse' adds more colour to STAR weekend

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Apr 04,2005 7:14 AM

'Rang Barse' adds more colour to STAR weekend

Holi has given STAR weekend some reasons to smile. The channel has made a TVR of 11 plus in a Sunday slot with its Holi special programming. Not only has this increased the channel share of the slot but consequently increased STAR's weekend share of voice as well.

Weekends are one area where the leader of the Hindi general entertainment sees a tougher battle than other any other slot of the week. However, of late the channel has managed to lure in higher eyeballs than other channels and in the latest TAM week, this has only accentuated further. According to TAM Media Research data, for the C&S 4+ in the Hindi speaking markets, from the 12 per cent channel that the channel had in last week for its weekend primetime, the share has increased to 16.83 per cent this week.

"It is the highest rating event on television in the last six months," said Ajay Vidyasagar, Head, Marketing, STAR India, "We got a 85 per cent share of Hindi General Entertainment. All regions including Mumbai and Delhi rated high numbers."

Clearly the channel is elated but what attribute of the show, he thinks factored in delivering these numbers? "The concept and promotion of the show got a huge amount of buzz before the show aired. Viewers were looking forward to the show."

The programming on the other hand believes that the 'freshness' of the show clicked with audience. Shailja Kejriwal, Creative Director, STAR Plus, said, "If you look at the concept itself, it was a very simple one - people coming together and celebrating Holi. I think this simplicity itself worked for the show. Also, unlike any other show that has performance, this time we did it in open air. This would be first time that audience got to see sunlight in a show like this!"

Another aspect that these numbers bring to fore is that there is a good weekend audience. Why has STAR not really been able to tap on this audience? "Well we have tapped it when we have aired events or blockbuster movies. The Dhoom Macha Le, Star Screen and Main Hoon Na ratings prove that," replied Vidyasagar. "An insight we get from 'Rang Barse' itself is that if it is a good event and promoted well especially on a platform like Star Plus it is bound to get the entire family and all socio-economic groups interested."

And speaking more in the genesis of this idea, Kejriwal said, "Well, we hadn't had a party in really long and we just wanted to have one and put it on air! We wanted to celebrate Holi with all our stars and that worked for the show as well. People who came there were genuinely having fun."

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