Rajdeep Sardesai involved in a scuffle in NYC

Rajdeep Sardesai involved in a scuffle in NYC

Author | Abid Hasan | Monday, Sep 29,2014 7:50 AM

Rajdeep Sardesai involved in a scuffle in NYC

Senior Journalist and Consulting Editor of India Today Group Rajdeep Sardesai was involved in a brawl at Madison Square, US on Sunday, September 28.

It is said that certain followers present at the venue were upset with the veteran journalist for being critical of Modi in his reportage. A Modi supporter and Sardesai were filmed in a shoving match. Reports also claim that Sardesai provoked the supporters by making anti-Modi remarks.

The situation was quickly brought under control, but Indian journalists and tweeples are upset with this incident, while at the same time, Twitter is abuzz with Modi supporters saying Sardesai had it coming.

Sardesai seemed to be rather composed after the incident and tweeted: “Glad we caught the idiots on cam. Only way to shame the mob is to show them. #ModiAtMadison”

He tweeted again: “Super speech by Modi; not so super behaviour by some bhakts. Guess some things won't change.”

Renowned personalities and journalists took to Twitter express their views on the incident with  #Istandwithrajdeep trending at number one in India.

Veteran journalist and Vice-Chairman of the India Today group, Shekhar Gupta tweeted:

“Shocking attack on Rajdeep. The way a certain section has been getting abusive in social media, public, this was coming. Modi must condemn.”

James Fontanella Khan of Financial Times, New York tweeted, “Mob of people attacking an Indian journalist for being critical of Modi on the past. Accused of being a traitor.”

Sardesai also tweeted "Great publicity for my book. All those who took selfies have promised to buy it! #ModiAtMadison"

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