Rajat Sharma is back with ‘Adalat’, puts Laloo in witness box

Rajat Sharma is back with ‘Adalat’, puts Laloo in witness box

Author | Malini Menon | Thursday, Aug 12,2004 6:52 AM

Rajat Sharma is back with ‘Adalat’, puts Laloo in witness box

TV presenter Rajat Sharma is back with ‘Aap ki Adalat’, this time on his own channel India TV. The first telecast of the revived programme will be aired at 10 am on August 15. Railway Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav will be in the witness box.

On the sets of Aap ki Adalat, Sharma was prepared to take on Laloo on issues like kulhar, exploiting relationships, branding himself, among others. Laloo was ready with his defiant and witty answers. The Railway Minister confronted questions like why he was given the Railway Ministry and the tussle between him and Ram Vilas Paswan. The judge for the adalat was veteran journalist Sayeed Naqvi.

After the shoot, where exchange4media was present, Shailja Naqvi, Manager-Facilities, India TV, said, “We have kept the original concept in mind. However, we have opted for a different opening and closing to the show. This is because the set that we have used is very vast and the camera angles quite different.”

“Nitin Desai, the set designer of Devdas, has designed the set for us. The lighting has been done by Ashok Mehta,” said Ritu Dhawan, Managing Director, India TV. On the show’s revival, she said, “Rajat was constantly asked when Aap ki Adalat would be aired again. So we thought that since the viewers have been demanding this show, let’s just go with it.”

The business aspect has also been taken care of. Sanjay Reddy, VP-Sales and Marketing, said: “We have planned a massive outdoor campaign as part of our advertising strategy. We are targeting 70 cities and are also going to come up with press campaigns in non-metros. We are also using mailers to advertise. Radio spots are ready. So we are going to advertise on a large scale.”

Asked why are they were focusing on B-grade towns, Reddy said: “We know that we have viewers in Mumbai and Delhi. However, we believe that there is a growing audience in the B-grade towns that has not been tapped. Just as the IRS report shows that for the FMCG sector there is a growing audience in B-grade towns, we plan to consolidate our channel in the same way.”

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