Raj TV ramps up prime time slot with slew of new programming

Raj TV ramps up prime time slot with slew of new programming

Author | Judy Franko | Monday, Feb 08,2010 6:54 AM

Raj TV ramps up prime time slot with slew of new programming

Chennai-based Raj Television Network has strengthened its flagship channel Raj TV’s programme offering with the launch of new primetime shows in order give a boost to its viewership. The newly introduced shows, which vary from reality shows to mythological serials, talent hunt shows and soaps, went on air from February 1, 2010.

The channel is airing ‘Jai Shri Krishna’ from Monday to Friday between 7 pm and 7:30 pm. In the 7:30- 8 pm slot on weekdays, the channel has introduced a new soap called ‘Karnamanjari’. The story of ‘Karnamanjari’ revolves around a lower middle class family and reveals the family’s secrets and knots in every episode. ‘Raj News Bulletin’, which was aired at 7:30 pm, has been pushed to the 8- 8:30 pm slot.

The channel has launched a new talent hunt show called ‘Top Jodi’, which will be aired between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm from Monday to Wednesday. ‘Top Jodi’ will hunt for the top dancing couple in Tamil Nadu. The channel has selected eight couples following a comprehensive state-wide audition. The selected eight couples will be paired with 16 television stars to compete with each other. The channel has well-drawn promotional and publicity plans for this show.

In the 8:30-9:30 pm slot, the channel has introduced yet another reality talent hunt show called ‘Nokia Youth Singer’. The show, which will be aired on Thursdays and Fridays, will hunt for the biggest youth singing sensation of Tamil Nadu. Following a comprehensive audition in several colleges in Tamil Nadu, the channel has chosen 50-75 students for the prelims. After various audition procedures and grooming sessions, 20 people have been selected and the final winner will be selected following a public vote.

In the 9:30-10 pm slot, the channel has launched a new soap called ‘Veetuku Veedu’. To be aired from Monday to Friday, ‘Veetuku Veedu’ tells the story of the house next door or a house in the neighbourhood.

Speaking about the new programmes, Amit Bose, VP - Programming, Raj TV Network, said, “We have been thinking of giving a new face to Raj TV. At the end of the day, it is programming and you have to think of new stuff that has to match with the generation, era and the thought process of the people. Keeping that in mind, we have brought in these changes, which we hope will rake in good ratings.”

Raj TV is also planning to change the face of the channel by replacing the entire content with fresh shows in the next six months. The channel is also planning to bring in a few shows aimed at the youth audience.

“Our thought is very positive and we hope things will defiantly turn around,” Bose concluded.

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