Quick 5 with Debarpita Bannerjee on ‘Supercars’

Quick 5 with Debarpita Bannerjee on ‘Supercars’

Author | Synjini Nandi | Tuesday, Sep 04,2012 7:51 PM

Quick 5 with Debarpita Bannerjee on ‘Supercars’

With the evolution of audience tastes, infotainment channels today are experimenting with their content line-up. Though there might be hits and misses in the process, channels believe that classic infotainment is here to stay.

In conversation with exchang4media, Debarpita Bannerjee, Vice President – Marketing and Communication, NGC Network India and FOX International Channels shares her perspective on the second season of ‘Supercars’, the evolution of infotainment channels and exploiting the digital platform.

Can you please elaborate on the new season of 'Supercars' and the type of audience the channel aims to reach through the show?
The show ‘Supercars’ showcases the most sought after super cars and stellar car factories around the world. The second season will showcase some of the bigger, faster and more stylish super cars of this season along with information on what goes behind the making of these machines, the technology, etc. It will reveal the science, technology and behind the scenes manufacturing of some of the most sought after international icons.

The new season would present a number of new cars such as Lamborghini Murciélago, Porsche GT3, Audi R8, Rolls-Royce Phantom and many more. The second season of 'Supercars' is set to go on air in October. The show would be hosted by ‘Jannat 2’ and ‘Raaz 3’ star Esha Gupta. In terms of viewers, the show will attract people who are interested in technology, cars, etc. and are keen to attain more knowledge on the same.

What is the marketing budget for the new show? Could you elaborate on the marketing mix for the promotional activities?
Generally the marketing budget for the shows aired on the channel is fluid. The budget for this show would be on a higher side since there is a lot inventory involved. As a part of the marketing mix, we are considering television as the primary medium. We are also focusing on out of home to create buzz about the show, along with using social media platforms such as Facebook to connect with the audience.

What are the types of advertisers that would be seen on board?
The show will definitely present good advertising opportunities from various industries. Since the show is related to automobiles, there would be advertisers from the automobile industry as well the advertisers connected to technology. The main target audience of the show would be males in an age bracket of 18 to 40 years; hence it would largely attract advertisers who are interested in tapping into this age group as well.

How has content evolved in infotainment channels today? Has there been any change in the viewership trends?
There has not been any drastic changes concerning the viewership but it would be appropriate to say that the viewers are constantly evolving. Today a large number of people are drawn towards the lifestyle and infotainment genre. National Geographic is a classic infotainment channel. History and Discovery channels opened the market and since then people have been receptive of the content. Today a lot of people like documentaries and are interested in nature, wildlife conservation, culture, etc. in a larger sense. Hence, these channels are definitely here to stay.

With the advent of digital media in a big way, what is the approach that the channel is taking to further extend the channel experience to the viewers?
As far as the digital platform is concerned, social media has presented us with a whole lot of opportunities. Technology is developing at a very fast pace. Though a lot of applications exist today, downloading applications is not a hugely prevalent trend.
It would increase with time and we do have a few ideas regarding the same. So when the trend catches up, we would put them in motion but till then social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter is the way forward.

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