Quality participants, innovative content deliver for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – Marathi

Quality participants, innovative content deliver for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – Marathi

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Saturday, Oct 14,2006 9:09 AM

Quality participants, innovative content deliver for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – Marathi

The new show on Zee Marathi, ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – Marathi’ is happy with its opening numbers. The show, aired twice a week, has got a rating of 4.5 TVR in Mumbai and Maharashtra. The channel believes that the innovative content, inclusion of Pallavi Joshi as the anchorperson, selection of judges like Avadhoot Gupte and Devaki Pandit as well as the quality of participants have helped the show garner these numbers.

According to Nitin Vaidya, Executive Vice-president, Zee Regional Channels, “The strong brand name and continuity of rich production values along with innovations that go with the taste of Marathi audiences, are the two prominent reasons for the show’s high ratings.”

Speaking further on the show’s success, he said, “We were sure of this success irrespective of the slot of this programme (10 pm on Mondays and Tuesday), which is a strong time band for STAR Plus in Mumbai and Maharashtra market. We will maintain current ratings and as we go along with our semi-finals and finals, they will grow.”

Speaking on the marketing strategy employed for the show, Vaidya said, “Along with the strong platform created by Zee Marathi channel, we used the audition process for selection of participants to create awareness to maximum possible extent and also had very good PR for these auditions. Apart from effective on air promotions; some amount of outdoor activity was also undertaken in some parts of Maharashtra, including Mumbai, where promotional images were displayed on BEST buses. We also joined hands with Lokmat group of newspapers as our media partner.”

Explaining the future marketing strategy, he said, “In future, we will continue to go aggressively on marketing. We will use all forms of media, and since Idea is our branding partner, we will use their database as well. SMS interactivity would be the key for eliminating and selecting winners. All the shortlisted eight participants would tour Maharashtra to perform at various ground events. Also, the two finalists would get an opportunity to perform at the Zee Gaurav Puraskar event in February 2007, automatically building a strong equity for the show.”

Describing the position of the show in the long run, Vaidya said that it would continue to be there in Zee Marathi offerings for years to come. He further said that the channel would come up with different variants of ‘Idea Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ in Marathi that would have impact on audiences in the Maharashtra market.

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