Producing TVCs helps Alpha Marathi to attract local advertisers

Producing TVCs helps Alpha Marathi to attract local advertisers

Author | Anusha S | Thursday, Jan 15,2004 7:24 AM

Producing TVCs helps Alpha Marathi to attract local advertisers

In a bid to attract local advertisers, Alpha Marathi, the Marathi channel from Zee Telefilms, has forayed into producing advertising commercials soon after it started uplinking from its earth station in Noida. The endeavour is to tap the vast untapped potential of the local advertisers in Maharashtra.

“Alpha Marathi channel is a popular platform in Marathi for all type of clients/brands/advertisers. It offers excellent local connect to advertisers, and at a cost no other channel can possibly offer. Therefore most of the brands on national channels are present on Alpha Marathi since we shifted our uplinking to India,” says Nitin Vaidya, Senior Vice President, Alpha Marathi.

“We wanted to cash in on this opportunity to develop and expand market for television beyond these brands and extend the platform of Alpha Marathi to even local brands, products, services that are offered by various institutes/sectors,” he adds.

Local consumer brands/products such as Jewellery, Real estate, Tourism, Educational institutes, various govt. bodies, financial institutes like national as well as co-operative banks, institutes in rural sector have always remained away from using television as a medium to advertise their brands. This is because of the big monies involved in making a TVC and secondly the telecasting of these TVC on a channel is even more costly.

Vaiday says that Alpha Marathi realised this and therefore embarked on a contact program and offered its services to produce commercials for these local advertisers at a reasonable cost. It is understood that Alpha Marathi produces the commercial for the local advertisers at a cost ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 2.5 lakh depending on the requirement of the client.

“So far, we have produced 70 such commercials. These include various book publishers, builders, jewelers, herbal products, educational institute, co-operative bank and the likes,” says Vaidya.

These commercials are created in Marathi and then automatically get an entry into the channel. The effective rates running on this channel is between Rs 2500-3000 per ten seconds.

How did the idea come about? Vaidya says, “Alpha Marathi was launched in 1999 and has since developed a good relationship with its viewers. Bearing this in mind and the inherent ability to communicate with our viewers, we thought of assisting advertisers and making a small but strong mark in this industry. Apart from that, today advertisers have faith in us because we hold the pulse of the Marathi household. I think over a period, corporate and advertisers have realised that regional markets can be handled well by regional mediums,” he adds.

Alpha Marathi expects to continue this project as it hopes that it will not only help in expanding the existing market but also help advertisers to test the television medium.

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