Pro Wrestling League delivers Fauladi ratings

Pro Wrestling League delivers Fauladi ratings

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Dec 18,2015 9:44 AM

Pro Wrestling League delivers Fauladi ratings

Pro Sportify run Pro Wrestling League (PWL) has set a new record of viewership ratings with a combined, CS 4+yr All India, event average of 0.78 TVR and the CS 4+yr HSM ,event average was recorded to be 1.01 TVR( according to BARC data sourced from subscribers) .

Infact Day # 1 of the PWL has delivered a combined reach of 47.56 million viewers across the 3 channels Set Max, Sony Pal & Sony SIX put together (C&S 4+ All India)

The beginning of Pro Wrestling League in terms of viewership ratings seems to be living upto its campaign of ‘Khel Fauladi’

Apart from the combined event average league, the individual ratings for Sony Six SD, Six HD, Max and Pal stood at 0.04 TVR, 0.01 TVR, 0.36 TVR and 0.38 TVR respectively. And the CS 4+yr HSM ,combined event average was 1.01 TVR with 0.05 TVR, 0.01 TVR, 0.45 TVR and 0.51 TVR respectively for the four channels, showing viewership across all sections.

Kartikeya Sharma, CMD ProSportify, said, “We have delivered what we have started out to do which is build wrestling as India’s most popular sport after cricket. The ratings clearly show that Indian audiences have embraced the sport. The Pro Wrestling League promises to deliver its audience & viewers the right blend of sports & entertainment."

In the Mumbai vs. Punjab match on December 10, the combined event average stood at 0.86 TVR with 0.03 TVR, 0.01 TVR, 0.39TVR, and 0.43 TVR respectively for Sony Six SD, Six HD, Max and Pal. Also, the CS 4+yr HSM ratings stood at 1.09 TVR with individual ratings of 0.04 TVR, 0.01 TVR, 0.47 TVR and 0.57 TVR respectively for the channels.

Vishal Gurnani, Director ProSportify, said, “The BARC ratings clearly show that the Pro Wrestling League has cut across SEC’s, across markets & across TG’s. We truly believe that the PWL is all set to become one of India’s largest sporting property. Khel Fauladi!"

In the UP vs. Bengaluru match on 11 December, the combined event average was recorded to be 0.70 TVR with respectively for Sony Six SD, Six HD, Max and Pal. According to CS 4+yr HSM, the ratings were 0.92 TVR with individual ratings of 0.05 TVR, 0.00 TVR, 0.43 TVR and 0.44 TVR for the four channels.

Interestingly Sony Six jumped by 400 per cent for the time period 7pm-9pm on December 10-11, 2015.Also delivered close to 46 per cent of its ratings from Sony Pal which is a FTA / DD Free Dish Channel.

The tournament which started from 10 December, 2015 with six city-based teams comprising of the world's top 66 wrestlers. Is being played in six cities across North, South, East and West Zones in India like Delhi, Ludhiana, Mumbai and Bangalore. Each team  consists of 9 players – 5 Indians, 4 foreign, 5 men and 4 women.

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