Planman Stars ties up with Zee Group for virtual advertising

Planman Stars ties up with Zee Group for virtual advertising

Author | Tuhina Anand | Wednesday, Nov 03,2010 8:33 AM

Planman Stars ties up with Zee Group for virtual advertising

In this day and age of brands galore and advertisers fighting tooth and nail to catch the fancy of the consumers, there also is arising a need for innovation in media, which will go beyond the 30-second television spot and print ads. Planman Stars, the sports marketing company from Planman Group, had recently brought to India the concept of virtual advertising in association with US based company Brand Magic, and has innovated beyond the TVC and print ads for the Micromax Cup in Sri Lanka. Now, they are expanding the innovative advertising to the GEC category. Planman Stars has tied up with Zee Group to use virtual advertising on Zee TV’s flagship programme ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’. One would see these advertisements around December this year.

Talking about the development, Vikram Tanwar, CEO, Planman Stars, said, “We believe that virtual advertising on GEC is potentially going to be a big money spinner. Planman Stars largely focuses on sports, but now we are trying a new territory. We have tied up with Zee TV and are currently working on technicalities, looking at appropriate client acquisition and map the market to take this further.”

The virtual advertising comes at a premium, but the advantage is that it is shown during the show and not during the ad break, hence promising more attention yet not hampering television viewing. Tanwar added, “Virtual advertising is more expensive than regular advertising as the visibility is much higher in terms of heart and mind share. There is also fair amount of investment to implement it – be it in animation or branding. As it is shown when the show is going on advertisers will get more value from this association.”

So, is it more difficult to convince the client to adopt virtual advertising? On the contrary, Tanwar said, “It’s not been very difficult. This is something new, but advertisers and marketers like the concept as the level of exposure for the brand is higher.” In fact, he was confident that this could also be tried with soaps and not just reality shows on GECs. He also felt that one year down the line the concept would really have caught on with the advertisers and broadcasters.


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